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Results: 1 - 50 of 311
Baby Farmer
by Amaury Da Cunha (Author)

Il sentiero del sale
by Raynor Winn (Author), Laura Noulian (Translator)

by Alice Vincent (Author), Isabella Polli (Translator)

Il rovescio dell'abito
by Marta Morazzoni (Author)

Ténèbres sacrées
La bastarda
by Violette Leduc (Author), Valerio Riva (Translator)

Belle Greene
by Alexandra Lapierre (Author), Alberto Bracci Testasecca (Translator)

Le Secret de Joe Gould
by Joseph Mitchell (Author), Lazare Bitoun (Translator)

Miss Guggenheim
by Leah Hayden (Author), Alessandra Petrelli (Translator)

Un libraire
by Meredith Le dez (Author)

Un'estate in alpeggio
by Annibale Salsa (Author)

by Emmanuel Carrère (Author)

Un oiseau de feu
by Susan Sellers (Author), Constance Lacroix (Translator)

La tigre di Noto
by Simona Lo Iacono (Author)

961 heures à Beyrouth
by Ryoko Sekiguchi (Author)

Atomic Film
by Vivianne Perret (Author)

by Ruth Allman (Author)

Donde no hago pie
by Belén López Peiró (Author)

Il colore del nome
by Vittorio Longhi (Author)

La Reconstruction du paradis
by Robert Lalonde (Author)

Il pane perduto
by Edith Bruck (Author)

Awards : Premio Strega Giovani 2021

La familia grande
by Camille Kouchner (Author)

Journal d'un jeune naturaliste
by Dara Mcanulty (Author), Laurence Kiefe (Translator)

by Dave Eggers (Author), Matteo Colombo (Translator)

El apicultor de Alepo
by Christy Lefteri (Author), Ana Belén Fletes Valera (Translator)

La sognatrice
by Giovanna Ginex (Author), Rosangela Percoco (Author)

Mestri di mont
by Tito Maniacco (Author)

El consentimiento
by Vanessa Springora (Author), Noemí Sobregués Arias (Translator)

La signora Bauhaus
by Jana Revedin (Author), Alessandra Petrelli (Translator)

La guaritrice
Vincere a Roma
by Sylvain Coher (Author), Marco Lapenna (Translator)

Asmara, addio
by Erminia Dell'Oro (Author)

by Federico Jeanmaire (Author)

La casa del cedro
by Monica Pais (Author)

Los días del Cáucaso
by Banine, (Author), Regina López Muñoz (Translator)

Le signore di Shanghai
by Jung Chang (Author)

La disculpa
by Eve Ensler (Author), Ana Pedrero Verge (Translator)

Space Invaders

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