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Results: 101 - 150 of 185
Revenge of the Translator
by Brice Matthieussent (Author), Emma Ramadan (Translator)

A Winter’s Promise
by Christelle Dabos (Author), Hildegarde Serle (Translator)

by Keith Buckley (Author)

The Future as Catastrophe
by Eva Horn (Author), Valentine Pakis (Translator)

The Imagined Land
by Eduardo Berti (Author), Charlotte Coombe (Translator)

People Like Me
by Lynn Ruane (Author)

Maggie Terry
by Sarah Schulman (Author)

In the Shadow of King Saul
by Jerome Charyn (Author)

Sweet Fruit, Sour Land
by Rebecca Ley (Author)

A Long Island Story
by Rick Gekoski (Author)

Shadows on the Tundra
by Dalia Grinkevičiūtė (Author), Delija Valiukenas (Translator)

The Tidings of the Trees
by Wolfgang Hilbig (Author), Isabel Fargo Cole (Translator)

The Iconoclast's Journal
by Terry Griggs (Author)

by Bethany C. Morrow (Author)

by Lynn Crosbie (Author)

The Underneath
by Melanie Finn (Author)

by Alison Moore (Author)

Slow Red
by Ondjaki (Author), Stephen Henighan (Translator)

by Eduardo Halfon (Author), Lisa Dillman (Translator), Daniel Hahn (Translator)

by Donald Morrill (Author)

by Alex Pheby (Author)

Not to Read
by Alejandro Zambra (Author), Megan McDowell (Translator)

by Dubravka Ugresic (Author), Ellen Elias-Bursac (Translator), David Williams (Translator)

Zero Hours
by Neil Campbell (Author)

Lust on Trial
by Amy Werbel (Author)

Lion Cross Point
by Masatsugu Ono (Author), Angus Turvill (Translator)

Not Here
by Hieu Minh Nguyen (Author)

by Poe Ballantine (Author)

Document 1
by François Blais (Author), Jc Sutcliffe (Translator)

by Patrick Langley (Author)

Bride and Groom
by Alisa Ganieva (Author), Carol Apollonio (Translator)

Veggie Desserts + Cakes
by Kate Hackworthy (Author)

Bart's Fish Tales
by Bart van Olphen (Author)

The Classic Food of Northern Italy
by Anna Del Conte (Author)

We Are The End
by Gonzalo Garcia (Author)

The Artful Baker
by Cenk Sonmezsoy (Author)

The Miranda
by Nicholson Geoff (Author)

This Little Art
by Kate Briggs (Author)

The Dance by the Canal
by Kerstin Hensel (Author), Jen Calleja (Translator)

North Station
by Suah Bae (Author), Deborah Smith (Translator)

This Side of Sad
by Karen Smythe (Author)

by Christina Hesselholdt (Author), Paul Russell Garrett (Translator)

Have Black Lives Ever Mattered?
by Mumia Abu-Jamal (Author)

Disappearing Moon Cafe
by Sky Lee (Author)

The Nothing
by Hanif Kureishi (Author)

by Romina Paula (Author), Jennifer Croft (Translator)


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