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Ice Out A Novel
by Susan Speranza (Author)

The Teachers' Room
by Lydia Stryk (Author)

Are We Ever Our Own
 A Letter in the Wall A Novel
by Eileen  Brill (Author)

She Is Haunted
by Paige Clark (Author)

Water and Blood
by Julie Stewart (Author)

The Scent of Light
by Kristjana Gunnars (Author)

Family Album Stories
by Gabriela Alemán (Author), Dick Cluster (Translator), Mary Ellen Fieweger (Translator)

The Walled Garden A Novel
by Robin Farrar Maass (Author)

No Stars in the Sky
by Martha Bátiz (Author)

This Is How We Love
by Lisa Moore (Author)

All the Lovers in the Night
by Mieko Kawakami (Author), Sam Bett (Translator), David Boyd (Translator)

by Dawn Promislow (Author)

Letters to Singapore
by Kaur Kelly (Author)

Cashmere Comes from Goats
by Bowman S. Portico (Author)

Birth Road
by Michelle Wamboldt (Author)

The Emerald Tide
by Davis Bunn (Author)

A Vineyard Wedding
by Jean Stone (Author)

Highway to Happiness
by Kennedy,Jean Gay (Author)

The Girl and the Stolen Fiddle
An Upside-Down Sky
by Linda Dahl (Author)

What Next?
by Shari Low (Author)

Like Animals
by Eve Lemieux (Author), Cayman Rock (Translator)

by Kyung-Sook Shin (Author), Anton Hur (Translator)

American Blues A Novel
A Battle for Hope
by Nancy Manther (Author)

Pomfret Towers
by Angela Thirkell (Author)


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