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Results: 1 - 50 of 83
Results: 1 - 50 of 83
by László Oláh (Editor), Hiroyuki K. M. Tanaka (Editor), Dezsö Varga (Editor)

Magma Redox Geochemistry
by Roberto Moretti (Editor), Daniel R. Neuville (Editor)

Global Drought and Flood
by Huan Wu (Editor), Dennis P. Lettenmaier (Editor), Qiuhong Tang (Editor), Philip J. Ward (Editor)

Dynamic Magma Evolution
by Francesco Vetere (Editor)

Seismoelectric Exploration
by Niels Grobbe (Editor), André Revil (Editor), Zhenya Zhu (Editor), Evert Slob (Editor)

Mathematical Geoenergy
by Paul Pukite (Author), Dennis Coyne (Author), Daniel Challou (Author)

Geological Carbon Storage
by Stéphanie Vialle (Editor), Yingping Li (Editor), J. William Carey (Editor)

Lithospheric Discontinuities
by Huaiyu Yuan (Editor), Barbara Romanowicz (Editor)

Global Flood Hazard
by Guy J-P. Schumann (Editor), Paul D. Bates (Editor), Heiko Apel (Editor), Giuseppe T. Aronica (Editor)

Pre-Earthquake Processes
by Dimitar Ouzounov (Author), Sergey Pulinets (Author), Katsumi Hattori (Author), Patrick Taylor (Author)

Microstructural Geochronology
by Desmond E. Moser (Editor), Fernando Corfu (Editor), James R. Darling (Editor), Steven M. Reddy (Editor), Kimberly Tait (Editor)

Bioenergy and Land Use Change
by Zhangcai Qin (Editor), Umakant Mishra (Editor), Astley Hastings (Editor)

Water-Energy-Food Nexus
by P. Abdul Salam (Editor), Sangam Shrestha (Editor), Vishnu Prasad Pandey (Editor), Anil Kumar Anal (Editor)

Flood Damage Survey and Assessment
by Daniela Molinari (Editor), Scira Menoni (Editor), Francesco Ballio (Editor)

Fault Zone Dynamic Processes
by Marion Y. Thomas (Editor), Thomas M. Mitchell (Editor), Harsha S. Bhat (Editor)

Climate Extremes
by S.-Y. Simon Wang (Editor), Jin-Ho Yoon (Editor), Christopher C. Funk (Editor), Robert R. Gillies (Editor)

Active Global Seismology
by Ibrahim Cemen (Editor), Yucel Yilmaz (Editor)

Oil and Gas Exploration
by Said Gaci (Editor), Olga Hachay (Editor)

Ionospheric Space Weather
by Timothy Fuller-Rowell (Editor), Endawoke Yizengaw (Editor), Patricia H. Doherty (Editor), Sunanda Basu (Editor)

Natural Hazard Uncertainty Assessment
by Karin Riley (Editor), Peter Webley (Editor), Matthew Thompson (Editor)

Integrated Imaging of the Earth
by Max Moorkamp (Editor), Peter G. Lelièvre (Editor), Niklas Linde (Editor), Amir Khan (Editor)


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