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Results: 1 - 50 of 5,579
The Partnership Economy
by David A. Yovanno (Author)

Fundraising for Social Change
by Kim Klein (Author), Stan Yogi (Author)

Take a Lesson
by Caroline V. Clarke (Author)

Unloved Bull Markets
by Craig Callahan (Author)

Green Six Sigma
by Ron Basu (Author)

by Mike J. Gooding (Author), Peter R. Shewry (Author)

by Richard Lees (Author), Azlan Raj (Author)

Flexible Thermoelectric Polymers and Systems
by Jianyong Ouyang (Editor)

Upper Hand
by Sherrell Dorsey (Author)

Functional Materials from Colloidal Self-assembly
by George Zhao (Editor), Qingfeng Yan (Editor)

Essential Cases in Head and Neck Oncology
by Michael G. Moore (Editor), Arnaud F. Bewley (Editor), Babak Givi (Editor)

The Python Book
by Rob Mastrodomenico (Author)

The CISO Evolution
by Matthew K. Sharp (Author), Kyriakos Lambros (Author)

Liquid Crystals
by Iam-Choon Khoo (Author)

Amp It Up
by Frank Slootman (Author)

Fake Money, Real Danger
by David Wiedemer (Author), Robert A. Wiedemer (Author), Cindy S. Spitzer (Author)

Prep, Push, Pivot
by Octavia Goredema (Author)

AI-Enabled Analytics for Business
by Lawrence S. Maisel (Author), Robert J. Zwerling (Author), Jesper H. Sorensen (Author)

Practical Cardiovascular Medicine
by Elias B. Hanna (Author)

Simulation and Wargaming
by Charles Turnitsa (Editor), Curtis Blais (Editor), Andreas Tolk (Editor)


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