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Results: 1 - 50 of 75
Wandering in Circles
by Jill Martiniuk (Author)

Between East and West
by Marat Shaikhutdinov (Author)

We Are Not Alone
by Menachem Kellner (Author)

Moments of Happiness
by Alex Dubas (Author)

Coherent Judaism
by Shai Cherry (Author)

Uncoupling Language and Religion
by Laurent Mignon (Author)

Fate, Nature, and Literary Form
by Kinya Nishi (Author)

Lev Shestov
by Andrea Oppo (Author)

Nature and Norm
by Randi Rashkover (Author)

History, Metahistory, and Evil
by Barbara Krawcowicz (Author)

The Ghost of Shakespeare
by Anna Frajlich (Author), Ronald Meyer (Editor)

“Quiet Spiders of the Hidden Soul”
by Mykola Bazhan (Author), Oksana Rosenblum (Editor), Lev Fridman (Editor), Anzhelika Khyzhnya (Editor)

Excavating Memory
by Ülker Gökberk (Author)

Night and Day

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