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Results: 1 - 50 of 1,561
Glimpses of God And Other Essays
by Paul O. Ingram (Author)

The Drama of Discipleship
by Gregory R. Perry (Author)

Renowned—But . . .
by Murray J. Harris (Author)

Joining Jesus
by Moses Chung (Author), Christopher Meehan (Author)

Empowering the People
by Richard A. Horsley (Author)

Discerning Welcome
by Ellen Clark Clemot (Author)

Speaking of Religion . . .
by Roy Hammerling (Author)

What Time Is It?
Signs of Change
by Anthony Bartlett (Author)

(Re)reading Ruth
by William A. Tooman (Author)

Community Engagement after Christendom
by Douglas G. Hynd (Author)

The Many Faces of Adam and Eve
by Bernard F. Batto (Author)

Heinrich Bullinger
by Donald K. McKim (Author), Jim West (Author)

The Fourth Degree of Prayer
by Michael C. Voigts (Author)

Grief Set Free
by Alvin Johnson (Author)

God Saves
by Wayne G. Boulton (Author)

Out of Season
by Luke Timothy Johnson (Author)

Go and Do
by John Perkins (Author), Shane Blackshear (Author)

A Bioethicist’s Dictionary
by William Eisenhower (Author)

Protest at Midnight
by Peter Storey (Author), Sarah Musser (Editor)

Oil Enough to Make the Journey
by Jack R. Lundbom (Author)


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