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Results: 1 - 40 of 40
The Man Inside
by Marco Buti (Author)

Disinformation and Hate Speech
by Giovanni Pitruzzella (Author), Oreste Pollicino (Author)

Pop Music, Media, and Youth Cultures
by Lello Savonardo (Author)

A Fistful of Bitcoins
by Massimo Amato (Author), Luca Fantacci (Author)

by Alessandro Aleotti (Author)

Destination 2050
by Cristina Pozzi (Author)

Circular Health
by Ilaria Capua (Author)

Python for non pythonians
by Gaia Rubera (Author), Francesco Grossetti (Author)

Made in Italy Industries
by Luana Carcano (Author), Gabriella Lojacono (Author)

Start-up Entrepreneurship
by Mikkel Draebye (Author)

Singularity Bank
by Claudio Scardovi (Author)

The Blockchain Journey
In Data Time and Tide
by Cosimo Accoto (Author)

Who Will Rescue Finance?
by Emilio Barucci (Author)

Games, Powers and Democracy
by Gianluca Sgueo (Author)

Signature Experience
by Stefania Saviolo (Author)

by Armando Peres (Author), Martha Friel (Author)

Fashion Collections
by Paola Varacca Capello (Author), Nicola Misani (Author)

Corporate Debt Management
by Alberto Dell'Acqua (Author)

Event Marketing
by Diego Rinallo (Author)

The New Social Game
by Davide Pellegrini (Author), Francesca De Canio (Author)

Visual Merchandising
by Karin Zaghi (Author)

by Francesco Morace (Author)

Exhibitions in years 2.0
Time to Change
by Luana Carcano (Author), Carlo Ceppi (Author)


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