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Results: 1 - 50 of 1,057
Imperial Pilgrims
by Shawn A. Aghajan (Author)

The Ascent to God
by Thomas P. Kuffel (Author), Nancy Carol James (Author)

Take Heart
by Hemchand Gossai (Author)

by Jinna Sil Lo Jin (Author)

Virtue Hermeneutics
by Robert M. Eby (Author)

Global Christianity
by Vebjørn L. Horsfjord (Author), Sven Thore Kloster (Author), Gina Lende (Author), Ole Jakob Løland (Author)

Facing the Mob
by Benjamin Browning (Author)

A Classical Response to Relational Theism
by Brian J. Orr (Author)

The Tax Collector and the Pharisee
by Peter Tan-Gatue (Author)

Repetition and Mythos
by Matthew R. Boulter (Author)

This Is My Flesh
by Jae Hyung Cho (Author)

Missional Acts
by Daniel McGinnis (Author)

The Nine Faces of Fear
by Stephen J. Costello (Author)

How Does God Talk to Us?
by Frank Hofmann (Author), Glenn R. Sandberg (Translator)

Being Missional, Becoming Missional
by Banseok Cho (Author)

Creativity and Captivity
by Uday Balasundaram (Author)

Second Tolstoy
by Steve Hickey (Author)

Contextualization or Syncretism?
by Derek Brotherson (Author)

Narrative Identity
by Trevor Castor (Author)


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