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Results: 1 - 50 of 117
The French Revolution in Theory
by Sophie Wahnich (Author), Owen Glyn-Williams (Translator)

Divining History
by Jayne Svenungsson (Author)

Genesis and Validity
by Martin Jay (Author)

Loxley Wanderings In A Curious Valley
by Peter Machan (Author)

Authorized Heritage
by Robert Coutts (Author)

Nothing Happened
by Susan A. Crane (Author)

Essays on Kurds
by Amir Hassanpour (Author)

Ancient Rome
by Robert F. Pennell (Author)

Memories Of 1957
by Kerry Butters (Author)

East London
by Walter Besant (Author)

by Ronald T. Ridley (Author)

Who Will Write Our History?
by Samuel D. Kassow (Author)

The Great Horse
by Walter Gilbey (Author)

The Land Beyond the Forest
by Emily Gerard (Author)

Sediments of Time
by Reinhart Koselleck (Author), Sean Franzel (Editor), Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann (Editor)


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