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Results: 1 - 50 of 108
Glamour and Style
A Young Actor Prepares
by Jeff Alan-Lee (Author)

I Don't Need an Acting Class
by Milton Justice (Author)

The Map
by Stef Tovar (Author)

Breaking It Down
by David Rotenberg (Author)

Breaking into Acting For Dummies
by Larry Garrison (Author), Wallace Wang (Author)

Laban - Aristotle
by Kiki Selioni (Author)

Audition Songs for Men
by Paul Harvard (Author)

Audition Songs for Women
by Paul Harvard (Author)

Acting: The First Six Lessons
by Richard Boleslavsky (Author)

The Space to Move
by Christian Darley (Author)

Improv Beyond Rules
by Adam Meggido (Author)

Improvisation in Rehearsal
by John Abbott (Author)

Performing Shakespeare
by Oliver Ford Davies (Author)

So You Want To Act On Screen?
by Michael Bray (Author)

Film Performance
by Andrew Klevan (Author)

Puppetry: How to Do It
by Meryvn Millar (Author)

Brecht: A Practical Handbook
by David Zoob (Author)

Shakespeare on Theatre
by William Shakespeare (Author)

Tackling Text [and subtext]
by Barbara Houseman (Author)

The Improviser's Way
by Katy Schutte (Author)


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