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Untold Night and Day

To read this novel of shrouded pilgrimages is also to arrive at a meaning that is “bewitching, and utterly private, a secret for me, a single ship, a single concealed place”.

Starling Days

Complex and resonant.

Black Prince

The Black Prince is anything but a grim read. It’s a stylistic pastiche that is far more than a tribute act – as though Roberts has dismantled the clockwork that made Burgess tick and reassembled it in a new form.

Convenience Store Woman

It’s a sign of excellent literature to be able to effortlessly hold up multiple interpretations at once. Murata’s book is no exception: It’s all of these things while also rendering an artful grotesque of modern personal branding.

Convenience Store Woman

Simultaneously disturbing and enthralling, Murata’s short work, a bestseller in her own country, speaks volumes about society and the role of the outcast.

Convenience Store Woman

Murata tells her story very sympathetically, showing that finding your niche, even if it as a lowly as convenience store worker, is what matters, particularly if you do not fit in with the way society thinks you should fit in.


Whatever your jam is — mind-bending logic, beautiful, lyrical writing, or a deep dive into contemporary life — there is something brilliant here for everyone.

Just Like February

An ultimately optimistic and hopeful novel about growing up amid personal and political disarray.

Silver Girl

“We don’t know half the ways poison infiltrates,” the narrator overhears at a frat party, and that is the inspired wisdom of this beautiful, bleak, and hopeful story. We don’t know. But that won’t keep us from trying to it figure it out.

Kirkus Reviews : Whirlaway (April 01, 2018)

Bukowski and his ilk might appreciate this oddball version of the hero’s journey, soaked in beer and melancholia.

Stickle Island
Kirkus Reviews : Stickle Island (February 06, 2018)

An English social comedy that begins with promise but fails to develop into a fully satisfying novel.


With a novel that is inventive in scope, masterful in execution, she does for Ugandan literature what Chinua Achebe did for Nigerian writing.