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1950s Fashion Print

by Marnie Fogg

An essential sourcebook of prints from a key fashion decade.

The 1950s was the decade when an analytical approach to design, with a lightness and freshness, combined with whimsical imagery and idiosyncratic subject...

Architecture Mysticism and Myth

by William Richard Lethaby

Lethaby moves in search of the forces that form the form, paying more attention to faith and vision than to style. Myth, archetype, geometry and the unconscious: an initiation into forms, and the foundation...

The Function of Ornament

by Farshid Moussavi & Michael Kubo

Architecture needs mechanisms that allow it to become connected to culture. It achieves this by continually capturing the forces that shape society as material to work with. Architecture's materiality is therefore...

Global Housing Projects

by Josep Llu's Mateo

The world is merging into one global system of goods, people and information. This book explores the social, cultural, and economic phenomena of globalization through housing. The Chair of Architecture and Design...

Harmony in space

by Paolo Vincenzo Genovese

China is still largely unknown. This book serves as a investigation to Chinese architecture and is concerned with developing, through each chapter from ancient to modern times using a metaphysical perspective,...

Creativity Through Nature

by Ann Blockley

A passionate and purposeful book on finding real creativity through nature.

An essential book for our times and all artists at whatever level. In her most passionate and personal book to date, acclaimed watercolour...

Buildings and Almost Buildings

by Eric Bunge & Mimi Hoang

Is architecture inherently complete? Or is it a state of incompletion and seeming inadequacy that incites us to imagine architecture as an armature for an ever-changing daily life?

Buildings and Almost Buildings,...

Mute Icons:  A Pressing Dichotomy in Contemporary Architecture

by Marcelo Spina & Georgina Huljich

Mute Icons challenges fixed aesthetic notions of beauty in architecture as both, disciplinary discourse and a spatial practice within the public realm, by intersecting historic antecedents and present instances...

Craigdarroch Castle in 21 Treasures

by Moira Dann

Told in 21 objects?including furnishings, artwork, and tools?this approachable museum guide takes readers into the family history, local lore, and oddities of one of Victoria's most famous landmarks.


Houses of the National Trust

by Lydia Greeves

This captivating book, fully revised and updated and featuring more NT houses than ever before, is a guide to some of the greatest architectural treasures of Britain, encompassing both interior and exterior...


by Felicity Scott

Felicity D. Scott revisits the architectural, art, video, and intermedia practices of the experimental collective Ant Farm, self-described ¨super-radical activist environmentalists.¨ Drawing together archival...

Resilient Stitch

by Claire Wellesley-Smith

Following on from her textile hit Slow Stitch, author Claire Wellesley-Smith considers the importance of connection and ideas around wellbeing when using textiles for individuals and communities, including practical...

The Function of Style

by Farshid Moussavi

What is the function of style today? If the 1970s were defined by Postmodernism and the 1980s by Deconstruction, how do we characterize the architecture of the 1990s to the present? Some built forms transmit...

Palladio and Concrete

by Louis Cellauro & Gilbert Richaud

Palladio was the first to provide a visual representation of an ancient concrete walling construction method using removable wooden formwork, which he termed maniera riempiuta, a method since used by modern...

Cluny and the origins of burgundian romanesque sculpture

by C. Edson Armi

The role of individual sculptors in creating the ambulatory capitals in the largest basilica in Christendom at Cluny remains a mystery. The unresolved issue of individual creativity leaves open three important...

Antiquity in Gotham

by Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis

The first detailed study of “Neo-Antique” architecture applies an archaeological lens to the study of New York City’s structures

Since the city’s inception, New Yorkers have deliberately and purposefully...

The Dali Legacy

by Christopher Heath Brown & Jean-Pierre Isbouts

This immersive dive into the life and work of Salvador Dalí unlocks the secret of this creative genius and reveals for the first time how his erotically charged paintings changed the world of modern art.


London Vanished and Vanishing - Painted and Described

by Philip Norman

Originally published in 1905, this work contains a wealth of information on various aspects of the history of London and its buildings. Beautifully illustrated, the author takes the reader on a tour of the buildings...

The Measure of Man

by Lawrence Rothfield

It was one of the most concentrated surges of creativity in the history of civilization. Between 1390 and 1537, Florence poured forth an astonishing stream of magnificent artworks. But Florentines did more during...

Designing the Centennial

by Bruno Giberti

The 1876 United States Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia was not only the United States' first important world's fair, it signaled significant changes in the very shape of knowledge. Quarrels between participants...