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In the Kitchen of Art

by Marco Grassi

Deeply learned, and with a style all his own, Marco Grassi is as at home with Duccio as he is with Norton Simon; Bronzino as with Bernard Berenson; a painting on his desk as with a Last Supper in Florence?s...

Now What?

by Rachel Weiss

Now What? is an innovative exploration of artworks and films that return to radical histories subject to erasure or otherwise lost or occluded over time. The moments returned to—the Cuban Revolution, Chile’s...

The Communicating Vessels

by Friederike Mayröcker & Alexander Booth

For the first time available in English, two portraits of grief by Friederike Mayröcker, one of the significant European writers of our time.

Friederike Mayröcker met Ernst Jandl in 1954, through the experimental...

Nothing Happened

by Susan A. Crane

The past is what happened. History is what we remember and write about that past, the narratives we craft to make sense out of our memories and their sources. But what does it mean to look at the past and to...

Rationalist Empiricism

by Nathan Brown

Twenty-first-century philosophy has been drawn into a false opposition between speculation and critique. Nathan Brown shows that the key to overcoming this antinomy is a re-engagement with the relation between...

Photography as Critical Practice

by David Bate, Liz Wells & Alfredo Cramerotti

The ?other? is a topic of great interest within and across contemporary photographic practice and theory, yet it remains neglected outside the now well-established field of postcolonial studies. This volume...

Revolts in Cultural Critique

by Rosemarie Buikema

Centered around the relationship between art and political transformation. From Charlottë Bronte and Virginia Woolf, to Marlene van Niekerk and William Kentridge, artists and intellectuals have tried to address...

Essays in the Philosophy of Art

by R. G. Collingwood

Published posthumously in 1964, this volume contains a fantastic collection of essays by R. G. Collingwood on the subject of art and it's relationship with philosophy. Robin George Collingwood, FBA (1889 ? 1943)...

A Picture is a Purely Decorative Thing - Essays and Excerpts on The Arts

by Oscar Wilde

?A Picture is a Purely Decorative Thing? is a brand new collection of essays and excerpts on the subject of The Arts written by Oscar Wilde. Contents include: ?The Artist?, ?The English Renaissance of Art?,...

Beauty & Art - A Collection of Essays

by Vernon Lee

Violet Paget (1856?1935), also known under the pseudonym Vernon Lee, was a French-born British writer famous for her supernatural fiction and contributions to the field of aesthetics. She also wrote more than...

Pataphysical Essays

by René Daumal & Thomas Vosteen

Pataphysics: the science of imaginary solutions, of laws governing exceptions and of the laws describing the universe supplementary to this one. Alfred Jarry?s posthumous novel, Exploits and Opinions of Dr....

The Dialectics of Art

by John Molyneux

To the question of &lquo;what is art?&rquo;, it is often simply responded that art is whatever is produced by the artist. For John Molyneux, this clearly circular answer is deeply unsatisfying. In a tour de...

Walter Pater: Complete Writings

by Walter Pater & Bauer Books

Walter Horatio Pater  was an English essayist, literary and art critic, and fiction writer, regarded as one of the great stylists. His works on Renaissance subjects were popular but controversial in his times....

Art after Money, Money after Art

by Max Haiven

We imagine that art and money are old enemies, but this myth actually reproduces a violent system of global capitalism and prevents us from imagining and building alternatives.

From the chaos unleashed by...


by Brian C. Nixon

In Tilt: Finding Christ in Culture, Brian Nixon takes the reader on a voyage of discovery, traveling the currents of God's presence in culture, summed up in four streams that define a noun: people, places, things,...

The Chinese Atlantic

by Sean Metzger

In The Chinese Atlantic, Sean Metzger charts processes of global circulation across and beyond the Atlantic, exploring how seascapes generate new understandings of Chinese migration, financial networks and artistic...

Dictionary Poetics

by Craig Dworkin

The new ways of writing pioneered by the literary avant-garde invite new ways of reading commensurate with their modes of composition. Dictionary Poetics examines one of those modes: book-length poems, from...

The Drunken Silenus

by Morgan Meis

The Drunken Silenus is a book that is as hard to categorize as it is to put down--an enlightening and mesmerizing blend of philosophy, history, and art criticism. Morgan Meis begins simply enough, with a painting...

The Necessity of Sculpture

by Eric Gibson

The Necessity of Sculpture brings together a selection of articles on sculpture and sculptors from Eric Gibson?s nearly four-decade career as an art critic. It covers subjects as diverse as Mesopotamian cylinder...

Gallucci's Commentary on Dürer’s 'Four Books on Human Proportion'

by James Hutson

In 1591, Giovanni Paolo Gallucci published his Della simmetria dei corpi humani, an Italian translation of Albrecht Dürer’s Four Books on Human Proportion. While Dürer’s treatise had been translated...