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Anatomy of Animals: Studies in the Forms of Mammals and Birds

by Ernest Thompson Seton

Ernest Thompson Seton was a pre-eminent artist and naturalist of his time. The Anatomy of Animals contains sketch studies of the wild life found in Canada and the United States and is considered a useful reference...

Old Man's Garden

by Annora Brown, Niitsitapi (Siksika) Bishop Sidney Black & Mary-Beth Laviolette

Through pen and ink illustrations and stories, Old Man's Garden conveys the legends and folklore connected with Southern Alberta's wildflowers, native plants, and Indigenous culture.

Originally published in 1954,...

Intertwined Histories

Brave Birds

by Maude White

In Brave Birds, cut-paper artist and writer Maude White presents an entirely new collection of sixty-five stunning cut-paper birds. As a source of inspiration, each bird is paired with an original message of...

Wildflowers of Maine

by Kate Furbish & Melissa Dow Cullina

Wildflowers of Maine presents a selection of the color paintings, of pioneering botanist Kate Furbish. Including some of the more prominent flowers to be found in Maine, plus a few rarities, this delightful...

Fantastic Beasts of the Nineteenth Century

by Anton Seder

Fanciful creatures slither, swim, and soar through this full-color adaptation of a rare 19th-century German portfolio. The colorful images include exotic birds and fishes, dramatic reptiles and amphibians, and...


by Jim Ellis

How have our interactions with animals shaped Calgary? What can we do to ensure that humans and animals in the city continue to co-exist, and even flourish together? This wide-ranging book explores the ways...

Fandango Art: Botanical Art Reference Photos for Artists

Reptiles: Animal Group Science Book For Kids | Children's Zoology Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Let’s raise smart kids, and let’s do that with one educational book at a time. Learning is most effective when it is experienced. While a child can be introduced to reptiles through computer programs, it...

Big Baby's Book of Life in the Sea: Amazing Animals that Live in the Water - Baby & Toddler Color Books

by Baby Professor

Here’s a cool introduction to the sea world that your child will definitely love! This educational book discusses some of the most beautiful sea animals, along with some random facts beside them. Encourage...

Turtles, Frogs, Snakes and Lizards | Children's Science & Nature

by Baby Professor

Let’s talk about turtles, frogs, snakes and lizards, which are all reptiles. The purpose of this educational book is to teach your child about the distinct characteristics of reptiles. Through this book, it...

An Underwater Ocean Adventure- Baby & Toddler Color Books

by Baby Professor

There is probably nothing else better to do some coloring on than the ocean and all the things found in it. This coloring book presents the underwater world and its wonderful life down there. Your babies and...

Invertebrates: Animal Group Science Book For Kids | Children's Zoology Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Let’s learn about invertebrates! It’s a big word that generally pertains to animals with backbones. Do you have any idea what these animals are? Great if you do, don’t worry if you don’t! This book is...

Animal Groups (Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians & More): Jumbo Science Book for Kids | Children's Zoology Books Edition

by Baby Professor

This is the big book of learning animals. Expect to see your child’s eyes grow big with wonder as he/she opens a copy of this book. There are so many random facts to learn and pretty pictures to see within...

See the Animals of the World | Sense & Sensation Books for Kids

by Baby Professor

Children are very eager to learn that is why you should present them with all the opportunities to do so. This book has specifically pooled a huge number of animals found all over the world for your kids to...

1st Grade Dinosaur Book: Name That Dinosaur

by Baby Professor

Dinosaurs have really long and complex names; but surely, they have nicknames. Can you name them? If you can, then you’re a star. If you can’t yet, then you need some help. Use this wonderful resource to...

Mammals: Animal Group Science Book For Kids | Children's Zoology Books Edition

by Baby Professor

What do you know about mammals? As the animal group that humans belong to, mammals have so many similarities with us. It’s time to learn what those similarities are in order to point out the differences, too....

The Beautiful Brain

by Larry W. Swanson, Eric Newman, Alfonso Araque & Janet M. Dubinsky

At the crossroads of art and science, Beautiful Brain presents Nobel Laureate Santiago Ramón y Cajal’s contributions to neuroscience through his groundbreaking artistic brain imagery.


Santiago Ramón y...

Art Journey Animals: A Collection of Inspiring Contemporary Masterworks

by Jamie Markle

Art Journey Animals is the first-ever compendium of the most soulful and inspiring animal and wildlife artworks, culled from the winners of North Light's popular competition-books series. More than 100 hand-selected...

A Dog's Life

by Hannah Dale

This beautiful little giftbook features over 50 dogs painted by Hannah Dale in her uniquely quirky, characterful style. From the faithful Labrador and the bouncy Cocker Spaniel to the loveable Old English Sheepdog...