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Refuge Must Be Given

by John F. Sears

Refuge Must Be Given details the evolution of Eleanor Roosevelt from someone who harbored negative impressions of Jews to become a leading Gentile champion of Israel in the United States. The book explores,...

Kidney to Share

by Martha Gershun & John D. Lantos

In Kidney to Share, Martha Gershun tells the story of her decision to donate a kidney to a stranger. She takes readers through the complex process by which such donors are vetted to ensure that they are physically...

The Journal of Sir Walter Scott

by Sir Walter Scott & Mint Editions

Originally published in 1890, The Journal of Sir Walter Scott spans seven eventful years of the author?s life where he attempts to reclaim his good standing. It?s a revealing look at the highs and lows of one...


by Robert M. Smith

Four million people in nearly 200 countries read The New York Times. Of these, many are opinion-leaders. Journalists everywhere read the paper to get a supposedly objective view of the news and to learn what...

Wide Neighborhoods

by Mary Breckinridge

Wide Neighborhoods is the autobiography of Mary Breckinridge, the remarkable founder of the Frontier Nursing Service. It is equally the story of the unique organization she founded in the mountains of Eastern...

Saved By Grace

by Maria Balestrieri

You've no doubt heard the old adage: "Life begins at forty." In my case, a truer statement could not have applied. That year, I was faced with what would be two bouts of cancer in eighteen months. My former...

Sew on the Go

by Mary Jane Baxter

  • Packed with easy, step-by-step instructions for crafts.
  • Features the author's black and white illustrations throughout, as well as colour plate sections.
  • Vintage, sustainable craft how-to (Kirstie's Vintage Home...

A Hare-Marked Moon

by David Lascelles

In the spring of 2004, David Lascelles invited a group of monks from Bhutan to build a stupa in the gardens of Harewood House in Yorkshire. It was a step into the unknown for the Bhutanese. They didn?t speak...

The Open Question

by Peter May

Golfing legend Ben Hogan went to his grave believing he had won a record five US Open titles. The USGA says otherwise, and the controversy has endured for over 75 years.

In 1942, the United States Golf Association...

Reynolds Pamphlet

by Alexander Hamilton & Mint Editions

The Reynolds Pamphlet (1797) is an essay by Alexander Hamilton. Written while Hamilton was serving as Secretary of the Treasury, the Pamphlet was intended as a defense against accusations that Hamilton had conspired...


by William C. Davis

John C. Breckinridge rose to prominence during one of the most turbulent times in our nation's history. Widely respected, even by his enemies, for his dedication to moderate liberalism, Breckinridge's charisma...

The Academic Mind and Reform

by Benjamin G. Rader

For over two generations economist Richard T. Ely popularized a wide spectrum of significant liberal social principles and mirrored many of the dilemmas, frustrations, and successes of the academician as a reformer....

Twice a Daughter

by Julie Ryan McGue

Julie is adopted. She is also a twin. Because their adoption was closed, she and her sister lack both a health history and their adoption papers?which becomes an issue for Julie when, at forty-eight years old,...

Don't Say a Word

by Elizabeth Roper Marcus

Edna and Leo, a perpetually warring, tyrannical pair in their 80s, begin wintering In Mexico, where they abandon their usual prudence to embrace adventure and a bevy of sketchy new friends. Soon, Edna adopts...

Wait for God to Notice

by Sari Fordham

Wait for God to Notice is a love letter to an adopted country with an unstable past and an undeniable endurance to heal.

In 1975, Uganda?s Finance Minister escaped to England saying, ?To live in Uganda today...

Thirteen Lessons that Saved Thirteen Lives

by John Volanthen



'A profound and thrilling read.' COLIN FARRELL


‘A case study in courage.’ RON HOWARD, Oscar-winning director of Apollo 13



Whistle Stops

by Wilson W. Sr. Wyatt

Wilson Wyatt was Jack Kennedy's presidential emissary to Sukarno in a crisis that might have cost the West the oil of the East Indies and lost Indonesia to the Communist orbit. He headed a mission to North Africa...

A College For Appalachia

by P. David Searles

Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd was a New England woman with a mission in life. In 1916 she settled on Caney Creek in Eastern Kentucky, determined to bring higher education to this remote corner of Appalachia. The...

Goebbels And Der Angriff

by Russel Lemmons

The Berlin newspaper Der Angriff ( The Attack), founded by Joseph Goebbels in 1927, was a significant instrument for arousing support for Nazi ideas. Berlin was the center of the political life of the Weimar...

Mark Twain And The South

by Arthur G. Pettit

The South was many things to Mark Twain: boyhood home, testing ground for manhood, and the principal source of creative inspiration. Although he left the South while a young man, seldom to return, it remained...