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Hold On World

by John Kruth

Hold On World revisits Lennon and Ono's love affair and startling collaborations. John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band was arguably the most emotionally honest album ever made. It wasn't merely another record but...

Permanent Damage

by Mercy Fontenot & Lyndsey Parker

  • Miss Mercy was one of the members of the all-female, Frank Zappa-produced, 1960s band The GTOs, alongside Pamela Des Barres
  • Lyndsey Parker a music editor at Yahoo Entertainment, and hosts multiple shows on Sirius...

  • Class a Member

    by Gary Allen Shann

    In February ’64, a new sound filled the airwaves. Four young Englishmen arrived on American shores. They were the British Wave's spearhead, sparking the most prolific and diverse era in music history before...


    by J. Randy Taraborrelli

    This unauthorized biography of Cher is based on interviews with former husbands, family and friends. It traces her development from being a hippie in the 1960s with partner, Sonny, to becoming an Oscar-winning...

    Driven: Rush in the ’90s and “In the End”

    by Martin Popoff

    The conclusion to the definitive biography of the rock ?n? roll kings of the North.

    Includes two full-color photo inserts, with unearthed photos of the band.

    ?A must for Rush fans.? ? Library Journal on Anthem...

    Conversations with Freddie Mercury and past friends

    by Ronald Ritter & Sussan Evermore

    After the success of our first book, Conversations with Freddie Mercury, there were many readers through reviews and questions asking, if there was any more details we can tell them about Freddie's friends...

    The Music and Mythocracy of Col. Bruce Hampton

    by Jerry Grillo & Chuck Leavell

    Col. Bruce Hampton was a charismatic musical figure who launched and continued to influence the jam band genre over his fifty-plus years performing. Part bandleader, soul singer, storyteller, conjuror, poet,...

    My Rock 'n' Roll Friend

    by Tracey Thorn

    'Entertaining, affectionate and righteous' Guardian 'Says so much about being a woman' Cosey Fanni Tutti In 1983, backstage at the Lyceum in London, Tracey Thorn and Lindy Morrison first met. Tracey?s music...

    Delivered From Evil

    by Anthony Greve

    Delivered from Evil is a true story based on one kid's journey to finding success in the music industry. From growing up with posters of rock stars on his wall to becoming a rock star himself, this former Pop...

    Behind Dark Eyes

    by Jeff Apter

    He was the pop star with the raccoon eyes who sang ?Hollywood Seven? and ?Six Ribbons?; the swashbuckling Pirate King in The Pirates of Penzance; the rocker who packed beer barns across Australia; and, in the...

    Chairman at the Board

    by Bill Schnee

    Chairman at the Board is an intimate, funny, and absorbing look at the music business by an insider who has recorded a host of the greatest musical artists from the 1970s to today. Bill Schnee takes the reader...

    Rock Stars on the Record

    by Eric Spitznagel

    An all-star lineup of rock-n-rollers?from Jane?s Addiction?s Perry Farrell to Suzi Quatro and Verdine White of Earth, Wind & Fire?relay the uproariously wild, sentimental, and unexpected pre-stardom stories...

    Richard Hageman

    by Nico de Villiers, Kathryn Kalinak & Asing Walthaus

    Richard Hageman (1881-1966) was celebrated during his lifetime as a conductor, pianist, vocal coach, and composer. His art songs put him solidly in the vanguard of mid-century composers and he was routinely...


    by Philip Nanton

    Riff explores the turbulent life of the Caribbean musician and poet Shake Keane (1927-97). A wanderer, he absorbed many of the themes of the 20th century - colonialism, migration and masculinity. Each of them...

    They Don't Need to Understand

    by Andy Biersack

    Before he was the charismatic singer of Black Veil Brides and an accomplished solo artist under the Andy Black moniker, he was Andrew Dennis Biersack, an imaginative and creative kid in Cincinnati, Ohio, struggling...

    Don't Knock the Rock

    by Steven "Rock" Ruiz

    Don't Knock the Rock tells many stories about the colorful experiences of growing up in New Orleans. From Mardi Gras to fishing and hunting in Louisiana, nowhere else in the world compares to south Louisiana....


    by Donald Brackett

    The narrative of Tumult! The Incredible Life and Music of Tina Turner is an extended exploration of the magical transformation of shy country girl Anna Mae Bullock into the boisterous force of nature we know...

    Youssou Ndour

    by Mamarame Seck

    This book is about Senegalese Pop star Youssou Ndour, also known as the king of mbalax music. The word mbalax was the name given to a specific drumming beat. Today, it is used to name a musical genre played...

    I'll Be Gone

    by Craig Horne

    I'll Be Gone is not just the story of an accidental masterpiece, a song written by Mike Rudd and recorded by his seminal Australian band 'Spectrum' in 1969. It is also the story of a time of unprecedented political...

    The Great Operas of Vincenzo Bellini - An Account of the Life and Work of this Distinguished Composer, with Particular Attention to his Operas

    by Gustav Kobbé

    ?The Great Operas of Vincenzo Bellini? is a detailed account of the life and work of Vincenzo Bellini by Gustav Kobbé, with a particular focus on his operatic compositions. Vincenzo Bellini (1801 ? 1835) was...