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by Christina Rice

By the early 1950s, Jane Russell (1921--2011) should have been forgotten. Her career was launched on what is arguably the most notorious advertising campaign in cinema history, which invited filmgoers to see...

Permanent Damage

by Mercy Fontenot & Lyndsey Parker

  • Miss Mercy was one of the members of the all-female, Frank Zappa-produced, 1960s band The GTOs, alongside Pamela Des Barres
  • Lyndsey Parker a music editor at Yahoo Entertainment, and hosts multiple shows on Sirius...

  • Andile Gaelesiwe: Remembering

    by Andile Gaelesiwe

    Andile Gaelesiwe is the adored Khumbul' ekhaya host. She was raped by her father at the age of 11. The second rape was by a taxi driver who beat her up. Andile entered the music scene with the big hit of the...

    Elizabeth and Monty

    by Charles Casillo

    Violet-eyed siren Elizabeth Taylor and classically handsome Montgomery Clift were the most gorgeous screen couple of their time. Over two decades of friendship they made, separately and together, some of the...

    In My Own Time

    by Humphrey Burton

    Sir Humphrey Burton is one of Britain's most influential post-war music and arts broadcasters. Witty, humorous and full of humanity, Burton's account presents us with never before recorded perspectives on the...

    Original Sin:  From Preacher’s Kid to the Creation of CinemaSins (and 3.5 billion+ views)

    by Jeremy Scott

    This book here… is it a memoir? Kind of. Is it a humor book? Yeah, a bit. Is it an instructional tome? Here and there.

    Perhaps best known as the snarky narrator and co-founder of the viral YouTube channel CinemaSins,...

    John Cassese, the Dance Doctor

    by Cassese,John

    John "The Dance Doctor" Cassese was a professional dancer and singer who started in New York and then moved to Los Angeles. He owned and operated studios in Santa Monica and taught many actors, stars, and people...

    Clary Croft 

    by Clary Croft

    Folklorist, recording artist, actor, songwriter, broadcaster, storyteller, author, archivist, artisan, and designer: over a career spanning more than fifty years, Clary Croft has woven the threads of his vast...

    Black Women Who Have Made a Difference

    by Minnie L. Ransom Ed.D.

    Children will be inspired by the struggles and adversities in which Black women have overcome to become important women of our history written in the form of poetry.

    The Illustrated Letters of the Brontës

    by Juliet Gardiner

    The Illustrated Letters of the Brontës is the story both of the real world of the Brontës at Haworth Parsonage, their home on the edge of the lonely Yorkshire moors, and of the imaginary worlds they spun for...

    Mat Memories

    by Greg Oliver, John “Alexander” Arezzi, Suzanne Alexander & John Gibbons et al.

    A man with three different names ties together the stars of professional wrestling, country music, and the New York Mets.

    John Arezzi was a lifelong Mets fan who dreamed of a job in baseball. In 1981, he took...

    Hollywood Eden

    by Joel Selvin

    Hollywood Eden brings the lost humanity of the record business vividly back to life … [Selvin’s] style is blunt, unpretentious and brisk; he knows how to move things along entertainingly … Songs about...

    Living on Elm Street

    by Shelia Willis

    Shelia Willis has had paranormal experiences her entire life.

    In Living on Elm Street, she shares her incredible encounters as well as what it was like being born and growing up with cerebral palsy and dyslexia....

    Patricia Neal

    by Stephen Michael Shearer

    Major Motion Picture Adaptation Coming Soon The internationally acclaimed actress Patricia Neal (1926--2010) was a star on stage, film, and television for more than sixty years. On Broadway she appeared in...

    The Armstrong Brothers

    by David O. Smith

    This is the story of James, John, and Hamilton Armstrong, three sons of a yeoman farmer living on the Pennsylvania frontier at the outset of the American Revolution. James and John joined the Continental Army...

    Behind Dark Eyes

    by Jeff Apter

    He was the pop star with the raccoon eyes who sang ?Hollywood Seven? and ?Six Ribbons?; the swashbuckling Pirate King in The Pirates of Penzance; the rocker who packed beer barns across Australia; and, in the...

    Older Women Don’t Giggle

    by K. 'Charles Oelfke 2nd

    A femme d?un certain âge, as the French refer to, is a woman of indeterminate age who can be sophisticated and attractive. It?s an elegant phrase and to me, not at all derogatory. For author K. Charles Oelfke...

    I Love Her, That's Why! an Autobiography

    by George Burns & Cynthia Hobart Lindsay

    I Love Her, That's Why! first published in 1955, is an entertaining look at the earlier life and career of comedian George Burns and his wife Gracie Allen. From humble beginnings in New York, Burns and Allen...

    The Ballroom

    by Dolores San Miguel

    The Ballroom is a brutally frank memoir of what has become known as one of the most pivotal, fascinating and influential periods of Australian musical and cultural history.

    The story is illustrated with original...

    Making It

    by Reba Merrill

  • Reba does interviews on Hollywood star cruises and will be promoting the book there
  • She will be promoting to her network
  • Events in Los Angeles and New York