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The Last Nahdawi

by Hussam R. Ahmed

Taha Hussein (1889–1973) is one of Egypt's most iconic figures. A graduate of al-Azhar, Egypt's oldest university, a civil servant and public intellectual, and ultimately Egyptian Minister of Public Instruction,...

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese

by Deborah A. Symonds

In her provocative politics, which confront us still with the complexities of left and right, and her constant search for her place in the world, Fox-Genovese’s story resonates more strongly than ever.

Rough Diamond

by A. K. Fielding

Solider, politician, miner, pioneer, scion of a Founding Father, William Stephen Hamilton led a prolific life. Rough Diamond: The Life of Colonel William Stephen Hamilton examines the tumultuous early Republic...

Zapel Esayan. Among the ruins/ Զապէլ Եսայեան: Աւերակներուն մէջ

by Zapel Esayan/ Զապէլ Եսայեան

The following volume of Diaspora series presents the famous work of Zabel Yesayan ‘’Among the ruins’’. It is one of the most unique real stories that present the horrors waiting for Armenians. Her...

Comrade Editor

by Gwen Lister

Comrade Editor is the story of Gwen Lister, the activist journalist who achieved global renown for opposing South Africa’s occupation of Namibia. Lister cut her journalistic teeth with Hannes Smith at the Windhoek...

Connecting with My African Roots

by Carmen Barclay Subryan Ph.D.

This book is not only about connection but also about discovery. As an adult, through my years or reading and research, I became aware of the theories revolving around Pangea (Pangaea), the super continent existing...

Wildlife and Wild Life

by Bryan Robinson

The information about the book is not available as of this time.

The Narrative of Sojourner Truth

by Sorjourner Truth & Mint Editions

Sojourner Truth, one of the most revered figures in American history, explains her road to liberation, spiritual enlightenment and the development of her feminist values. It’s a critical view of her enduring...

Goebbels And Der Angriff

by Russel Lemmons

The Berlin newspaper Der Angriff ( The Attack), founded by Joseph Goebbels in 1927, was a significant instrument for arousing support for Nazi ideas. Berlin was the center of the political life of the Weimar...

Time on Target

by William R. Buster

William R. Buster, born in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, knew a soldier's combat experience and left a first hand account of it. He graduated from West Point in 1939, just in time to serve through one of the most crucial...

Memories, Just Memories

by Joseph W. Bushell

This book is exactly what it says. Remembering the birthday parties over the years there were some 20 parties every year. Plenty of Doctors appointments. Many vocations to the Island of Barbados and Jamaica....

The Field House

by Robin Clifford Wood

Born of illustrious New England stock, Rachel Field was a National Book Award?winning novelist, a Newbery Medal?winning children?s writer, a poet, playwright, and rising Hollywood success in the early twentieth...

A Victorian Curate

by David Yeandle

Greatly to be welcomed. This meticulously researched and richly documented account provides fresh insights into theological controversy and social prejudice and should be read by all serious students of the...

Texas Jack

by Matthew Kerns

Texas Jack: America’s First Cowboy Star is a biography of John B. “Texas Jack” Omohundro, the first well-known cowboy in America. A Confederate scout and spy from Virginia, Jack left for Texas within weeks...

The Fascination of What's Difficult

by Kim Bendheim

Maud Gonne, the legendary woman known as the Irish Joan of Arc, left her mark on everyone she met. She famously won the devotion of one of the greatest poets of the age, William Butler Yeats. Born into tremendous...

Susan Angeline Collins: with a Hallelujah Heart

by Janis Bennington Van Buren

Ten percent of book profits will go to the Susan Angeline Collins Scholarship at Upper Iowa University in Fayette, Iowa.

Get ready to delve into a world of hardship, challenge, and fulfillment. Explore the life...

What I Remember, What I Know

by Larry Audlaluk

Larry Audlaluk was born in Uugaqsiuvik, a traditional settlement west of Inujjuak in northern Quebec, or Nunavik. He was almost three years old when his family was chosen by the government to be one of seven...


by Jay Lockenour

In this fascinating biography of the infamous ideologue Erich Ludendorff, Jay Lockenour complicates the classic depiction of this German World War I hero.

Erich Ludendorff created for himself a persona that...


by John F. Wasik

The only biography of its kind, Lincolnomics narrates The Great Emancipator?s untold legacy as The Great Builder of American infrastructure?developer of an economic ladder to democracy through national transportation,...

Wild Colts Make the Best Horses

by Mary Rae Watry Mauch

Join an adventure walking in the shoes of Abigail Adams, wife of the second President of the United States, John Adams. Many stepping stones along this journey are first-hand accounts of Abigail’s correspondence...