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Watchman at the Gates

by David Chanoff, George Joulwan & Tom Brokaw

General George Joulwan played a role in many pivotal world events during his long and exceptional career. Present at both the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, he served multiple tours in Germany during the...


by William C. Davis

John C. Breckinridge rose to prominence during one of the most turbulent times in our nation's history. Widely respected, even by his enemies, for his dedication to moderate liberalism, Breckinridge's charisma...

Time on Target

by William R. Buster

William R. Buster, born in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, knew a soldier's combat experience and left a first hand account of it. He graduated from West Point in 1939, just in time to serve through one of the most crucial...

It’s a Beautiful Day to Save Lives

by Brett Miller

It?s A Beautiful Day To Save Lives is a powerful memoir of a combat medic?s journey through life as he recognizes his destiny from very early in his young childhood. This life-long journey proves to be very...

Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte - Complete

by Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne & Ralph Waldo Emerson

First published in 1831, this book contains the complete memoirs of Louis-Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne (1769?1834), a French diplomat who worked as secretary to Napoleon Bonaparte. In his memoirs, Bourrienne...

History is a Set of Lies Agreed Upon - Writings about the Great Napoleon Bonaparte

by Various

?History is a Set of Lies Agreed Upon? is a collection of biographical sketches of the French military and political leader Napoléon Bonaparte, by various authors. Napoléon Bonaparte (1769?1821) was a French...

The Voice of a Great - Selections from the Proclamations, Speeches and Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte

by Napoléon Bonaparte & Ida M. Tarbell

First published in 1896, ?The Voice of a Great? contains a selection of the speeches, correspondence, and proclamations of the French military and political leader Napoléon Bonaparte, edited by Ida Tarbell....

Saved By A Chicken

by Stevens,Dean

Bombs and artillery shells were falling all around him. Bullets were whistling within inches of his head. He is in shoulder-high water as he struggles to reach the beach ahead of him. He sees his captain step...

The Peril

by Lindquist,Kim R.

The Peril: from Colombia to Kabul is written as a universal warning and plea to citizens of every country and circumstance. It warns of a cultural phenomenon that is so powerful as to pose a direct, constant,...

Victory with Honour

by Olusegun Ferreira

Victory with Honour, is an account of my stewardship whilst I was onboard NNS OKPABANA as the Commanding Officer from 2015 – 2016. The book renders a chronological narrative of my operational and command experience...

The Recovery of a Woman Sailor

by Nancy Wroe

This is the unbelievable true story of a woman who not only overcame so many obstacles and tragedies in her life but also used them to grow in faith that later proved to make her stronger in her belief in God....

Prince Philip's Century 1921-2021

by Robert Jobson

Prince Philip's life and legacy. Read the new and definitive biography of the remarkable Duke of Edinburgh.

For decades Prince Philip shared the Queen’s burden of office without upstaging her, always privately...

Heroine, First Female Elite Special Forces Uk

by Alison Sarah James Mc


G. RAF'S AIR CHIEF MARSHAL writes: 'Another slug of truth...

They Called Me LT

by Ronald J. Nielsen

They Called Me LT by Ronald J. Nielsen


Rusty Anchors

by Nancy Foltz Beck

She didn?t have to say, ?What about me? ? but she did. Alone on foreign soil in pre-war China, Madelaine was pregnant, injured, and afraid. Her low-ranking husband promised a honeymoon ?never to be forgotten,?...

Liberty's Wounds

by Jeremy Amick

Bryce Lockwood has amassed a trove of unique military experiences during a brief span of time. Born on a small farm in rural New York State in 1939, he graduated from high school in Afton, New York in 1957....

Atlacatl Memories

by Jeffrey Stuart Isfeld



A story told by ex-Salvadoran military personnel of their life and experiences during the Salvadoran civil war

Memories of Atlacatl

Testimonial book on one...

Prince Philip

by Annie Bullen

As the longest serving royal consort in British history (1921-2021), this fully-illustrated guide celebrates Prince Philip’s remarkable contribution to the monarchy.

A strong character full of vigour and verve,...


by Elizabeth Ellen Ostring

Through the traumatic years of Finland's emergence as an independent nation, Tyra struggled with her understanding of God. Friends and family died through frightening natural disaster, the horrors of repeated...


by Donald Hawkins

This book is one of honor and patriotism and is a true story. This book tells of one man's many struggles manning three of the United States nuclear missiles. The time period of this epic story takes place during...