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Elizabeth and Monty

by Charles Casillo

Violet-eyed siren Elizabeth Taylor and classically handsome Montgomery Clift were the most gorgeous screen couple of their time. Over two decades of friendship they made, separately and together, some of the...

Laughing Till It Hurts

by J. Randy Taraborrelli

Carol Burnett is one of the few American comediennes to establish herself as an icon. Laughing Till It Hurts is the ultimate Carol Burnett biography. For eleven years The Carol Burnett Show proved a showcase...


by J. Randy Taraborrelli

This unauthorized biography of Cher is based on interviews with former husbands, family and friends. It traces her development from being a hippie in the 1960s with partner, Sonny, to becoming an Oscar-winning...

Prince Philip

by Annie Bullen

As the longest serving royal consort in British history (1921-2021), this fully-illustrated guide celebrates Prince Philip’s remarkable contribution to the monarchy.

A strong character full of vigour and verve,...

American Men and Women in Medicine, Applied Sciences and Engineering with Roots in Czechoslovakia

by Miloslav Rechcigl Jr.

No comprehensive study has been undertaken about the American learned men and women with Czechoslovak roots. The aim of this work is to correct this glaring deficiency, with the focus on men and women in medicine,...

Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini

by Benvenuto Cellini & Mint Editions

Benvenuto Cellini started getting onto trouble at a young age. By age sixteen, he had already been exiled from his hometown for six months due to a public assault of another citizen. As a man with endless talents?sculpting,...

My Untold Stories

by Tom Langevin

This is a storybook collection of twenty-two anecdotes reflecting the memories throughout the life of a ninety-eight-year-old Christian gentleman. It is a blend of famous biographies with autobiographical overtones....

Master Negotiator

by Diana Villiers Negroponte

As secretary of state, James A. Baker III played a critical role on the world stage in the final years of the Cold War as the Soviet Union unraveled.

His political sense and the ability to test Soviet leaders,...

We Need To Talk: A Memoir About Wealth

by Jennifer Risher

When Jennifer Risher joined Microsoft in 1991, she met her husband, and with him became an extra-lucky beneficiary of the dot-com boom. By their early thirties, they had tens of millions of dollars. Today, there...


by Sandra B. Tooze

A dazzling, epic biography of Levon Helm??the beloved, legendary drummer and singer of the Band.

He sang the anthems of a generation: "The Weight," "Up on Cripple Creek," and "Life Is a Carnival." Levon Helm's...

Always Young and Restless

by Dana L. Davis, Melody Thomas Scott & Camille Paglia

The adored actress behind the character Nikki Newman of The Young and the Restless tells all in this scintillating memoir, divulging the insider details of her dramatic life and forty-year career.

Melody Thomas...

The Big Hustle

by Jim Wahlberg

When Jim Wahlberg went to prison the second time at 22 years old, he was sentenced to six to nine years for breaking and entering, bargained down from life for home invasion. He had staggered into a Boston cop?s...

Crazy White Man

by Richard Morenus

The author was a businessman from New York who got tired of the “Big City” life and was unhappy for some time. He decided to move as far away from that environment. Taking only his dog, some gear, and an...

A Peddler’s Journey

by Jeffrey Slater

In 1952, 77-year-old Harry Jacobs sat down to document his life story. He felt the desire to share his history with future generations before it was lost. The grandson of a tailor and son of a peddler, Harry?s...

Migrant Slaved Away to Success

by Sylvia Orlando

This is a book that will inspire all women who are went through domestic violence and those who are still experiencing it. This book will inspire them to walk out of those abusive relationships and live again....

It Was a Good Road All the Way

by Elvin C. Bell

Elvin C. Bell, a retired USAF colonel and public official, has lived a full life. In the second volume of his entertaining autobiography, he brings more stories to life that detail his memorable encounters with...

Malibu Off the Grid!

by Sam Neilson

Most of you know Malibu. Malibu off the Grid is the Malibu you don't know. That is why the cover depicts snow and a trailer. Did you know it snows in Malibu? Most of Malibu is steep mountains and rolling hills....

Supervising Neverland

by Dwayne Swingler

This book is about my time and events with Michael Jackson. It details the crazy way we met and how I quickly became his supervisor. It gives the reader a view through my lens and documents the ups and downs...

It Was a Good Road All the Way

by Elvin C. Bell

Not everyone can say that Frank Sinatra?s cigarette burned a hole in their coat, that they dined twice with Marilyn Monroe in one day, or that they were invited to a party at the home of John ?Duke? Wayne.


The People Lover

by Glen Coutinho

Sales techniques, customer service, mentoring and people skills are just a sample of Glen?s expertise. Everyone can learn from Glen how to flick the switch and become a better person, become the best version...