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An Educational Journey to Deanship

by Terence Hicks

An Educational Journey to Deanship: A Memoir explores and highlights achievements and stories of success throughout the author's academic and administrative experiences. Specifically, this book includes photographs...

Goal Setter

by Vance,Dr. Rashad

Looking back, my life at school wasn't quite easy for me. Sometimes I hated school, but I was so determined to wrestle at the division I level, that I worked as hard as I could in order to accomplish that goal....

A Black Educator in the Segregated South

by Gerald L. Smith

Black college presidents in the era of segregation walked a tightrope. They were expected to educate black youth without sufficient state and federal funding. Yet in the African American community they were...

Big T in China (Thinking of Teaching in China?)

by Anthony Williams

The book is about a ?normal? hard working bloke who was fed up of his boring life and decided to step into the unknown by going to teach English. It is a inspirational story to anybody who thinks ?I can?t do...

Creating a University

by Roberta Buchanan & Stephen Harold Riggins

Creating a University is a collection of memoirs by more than 30 former faculty and staff of Memorial University — a series of “MUNographies,”— about personal and professional experiences working at...

On Edward Said

by Hamid Dabashi

Edward Said (1935-2003) was a towering figure in post-colonial studies and the struggle for justice in his native Palestine, best known for his critique of orientalism in western portrayals of the Middle East....


by Hoover Liddell

This is an autobiographical book about my life in a Nigerian hospital and later a teacher in San Francisco, California. Soon after I arrived in Nigeria in 1967 as a teacher a civil war started. While the war...

Charles H. Thompson on Desegregation, Democracy, and Education

by Louis Ray

The goals of achieving equal citizenship rights for African Americans and international respect for human rights inspired Charles H. Thompson to focus his attention on ending segregation as public policy in...

My Crossings

by Rudolph Lea

A factual description and eventual fate of each of the six ocean liners that transported the author across the Atlantic Ocean, the first time as an eleven year old boy escaping Nazi Germany to be placed in a...

At the End of the Santa Fe Trail

by Blandina Segale

Originally published in 1932 and long unavailable, this memoir by a strong-willed and resourceful nun is a valuable addition to the story of women in the West. Sister Blandina (1850-1941) served in southern...

Coping with Schizophrenia

by Warner,Devon W.

Hi, I'm the author of the new thriller biography, Coping with Schizophrenia. This is my story of dealing with a mental disorder, and it initially takes place in my grandmother's apartment. I'm a college student...

I Lived Through It But You Don't Have To!

by Christopher X. Elliott

In this book, I want to help as many people as I can make better choices and live a better life as a diabetic based on my life story and the things that I went through. I dealt with so many illnesses and went...

Memoirs of a Joyous Exile and a Worldly Christian

by James M. Houston

This book traces personal memoirs to encourage others in their personal sense of insecurity to be freed by God's grace, to become bold "in Christ." It binds memoirs of the inner self, with one's opportunities...

Great Pan is Dead

by Eric Lehman

From the small-world accidents of finding lost toys and meeting old friends in strange places, to apparent twists of fate that lead to historical events, people continue to find meaning in coincidence. In Great...

The Education of Brainiac

by David E. Lapin

There is no available information at this time. Author will provide once available.

Rethinking the European Union and its global role from the 20th to the 21st Century

by Jean-Michel de Waele, Anne Weyembergh & Giovanni Grevi

Discover the various scientific debates that Mario Telò has been involved.

This edited volume, which has been drafted in honour of Professor Telò?s research career, offers the reader an overview of the various...

Turning To Into For

by Calvin G. Sims

There has never been a motivational book like Turning To into For. Based on the author's philosophy that the most important of life's lessons are preceded by a test, the book is composed of two parts: the test...

Boys’ Secrets and Men’s Loves:

by David A.J. Richards

Boys? Secrets and Men?s Loves is the memoir of a law professor who has written over twenty books on the basic rights of American constitutionalism. He has been a prominent advocate of gay rights and feminism,...

My Journey

by Teih Belinda Nungse

My Journey is a true-to-life story of a Cameroonian woman who hopes to use her long life battles to encourage, educate, and motivate young girls and women who get stuck in similar life situations. Her battle...

Memoirs of a Middle School Teacher

by Patricia Patrick Marr

Middle-schoolers are interesting creatures. Teaching them was both challenging and fulfilling. Sixth grade, in my opinion, is the most difficult grade to teach. Too many times to count, mothers claimed that...