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Survival Tips for Living the Adventurous Life

by Bill Brown

Survival Tips for Living the Adventurous Life contains true-life accounts of an individual growing up through adventure after adventure, shortly after birth to retirement age. Whether from an airplane crash,...

Memorial Stones

by Geni-Deck Jones

This book is entitled Memorial Stones because it is about remembering what God has done to and provided for my family as we followed His plan for our lives. In the Bible, I saw a chapter where the Israelites...

Higher Love

by Kit DesLauriers

In 2006 Kit DesLauriers made history by becoming the first person to climb--and then ski--from the summit of each continent?s highest mountain, the famed Seven Summits. Centered on this quest, her book Higher...


by Iii,D.N.H

Extra-Ordinary: The Touch That Marked Eternity is an adventurous narrative that will inspire and challenge both the mature leaders of the faith and everyday Christians alike. This book covers fifteen of the...

"Movin' In!"

by Jerry S. Hutter & Diane Carder

Cianan and Samantha Jones move to a new home with their family and run into their old best friend and hero, the dog Ferral! Suddenly, a little cute puppy approaches them! Apparently he is running away from a...

The Last Monkey Is the One Who Drowns

by D.E. Ellis

A member of the Cuban Resistance, Antonio de León was arrested on the day of the Bay of Pigs invasion and imprisoned in the fort of El Morro. He escaped execution and immigrated to the US, only to return to...

The Road to Freedom

by Albert Tang

Albert Tang was only five years old, but he can still vividly recall that day in 1970 when he opened the front door to his home in Cambodia. He saw a group of armed soldiers had arrived to guard the perimeter...

Adventures From the Edge: How a Quintessential Wife and Mother Morphed into a Free and Independent Warrior Marching Through Life with Awe and Wonder

by Carol Vance Edwards

Adventures from the Edge follows a suddenly single, middle-aged educator coping with life after marriage, life after fifty, and life on the edge. Embracing a totally new world with awe and wonder, these adventures...

Jungle Surgeon

by Lawrence Mueller, M.D. F.A.C.S.

I have read through this book and am really inspired by all the works that Dr. Mueller has done for the Karen hill tribe. The works and experiences that he had with the Karen people in the Karen State are tremendously...

Facing Fear

by Lisa Blair

Facing Fear is the inspiring true story of Lisa Blair, who on 25 July 2017 became the first woman to sail solo around Antarctica. She very nearly didn?t live to tell the tale. Seventy-two days into her circumnavigation,...

Seven Troop

by Andy McNab

From the SAS soldier who invented the modern military memoir comes a storming battering ram of thrill-packed, unforgettable drama.

Never-before-revealed covert operations and heartbreaking human stories combine...

The Great Crusade

by Skabialka Ii,Phil

The rotten North Korean occupation sweeps across the United States like a plague. Their bloody and brutal campaign steals the lives of millions of men, women, and children alike. Not just here but throughout...

When the Road Calls

by Girvin,Bill

Throughout history, there have been a handful of brave souls who cast it all to the winds and let fate decide what might be hiding around the next bend in the road. These remarkable individuals all shared a...

Tales of Capt Robbie Mack

by Roy Wv Donaldson

The Tales of Captain Robbie Mack ? Up the Creek His attention wavered. The man was having an epileptic fit right in front of him, no-one else about. And yet his eyes were drawn to that damn chicken stoating...

The Adventures of a Twentieth Century Engineer

by Smith P.E.,Gilbert Ruley

In my teenage years, I attended the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (BPI) a prestigious upper level high school with a curriculum designed for engineers. Upon graduation, I decided to take a job at the school...

China on Foot

by Edwin Dingle

China on Foot is a classic autobiographical travel novel by Edwin Dingle.

This book is one of the most important and best written travel books from old China. Edwin Dingle recounts his adventures as he travels...

Catching Paradise in Hawai’i

by Winston Conrad

Under the Tuscan Sun for the traveler that lusts for the tropics, Catching Paradise in Hawai?i is a love letter to the islands. This funny, poignant, and heartwarming memoir follows the Conrad family as they...

Emilio Comici: Angel of the Dolomites

by David Smart

Winner of the Banff Mountain Book Competition: Climbing Literature Award

The first English-language biography of one of the most renowned Italian climbers, Emilio Comici, who bagged over 200 first ascents in...

Tough is Not Enough

by Steve Posselt

?It echoed around my head. The carbon wing blade flexed in the water as I thrust like a man possessed. Past the point of no return, I was above the log jam. A broken blade, maybe even a missed stroke and that...

Joseph Conrad: The Complete Works

by Joseph Conrad & Bauer Books

This book, newly updated, contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure!

'Joseph Conrad: The Complete Works' contains:

  • Almayer’s Folly
  • An Outcast of the Islands
  • The Nigger...