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The Outlaw Youngers

by Marley Brant

The Youngers—Bob, Cole, Jim, and John—tested the boundaries of the violent and turbulent post-Civil War society in which they lived. The author investigates the events from the Border and Civil Wars which...

Tortured Soul

by Marley Brant

Those interested in the history of the infamous Younger Brothers of Missouri know eldest brother Cole’s story. Or at least they think they do. Cole told it enough times. Yet his autobiography, his dozens of...

The Deadly Don

by Anthony M. DeStefano

From enforcer to godfather, Vito Genovese rose through the ranks of La Cosa Nostra to head of one of the wealthiest and most dangerous crime families in American history. 


Vito Genoveseran rackets as a member...

Prohibition Wine

by Marian Leah Knapp

In 1918, Rebecca Goldberg—a Jewish immigrant from the Russian Empire living in rural Wilmington, Massachusetts—lost her husband, Nathan, to a railroad accident, a tragedy that left her alone with six children...

Audacious Scoundrels

by Steven L. Piott

During the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century a growing number of ordinary citizens had the feeling that all was not as it should be. Men who were making money made prodigious amounts, but this new...

Silent Lightning

by Goddard,Daniel

Sometimes, all you have are your dreams. When those dreams are shattered, it often takes great courage and determination to carry on. Born in Missouri, Daniel Goddard spent his childhood moving from town to...

My Favourite Crime

by Deni Ellis Bechard

Personal and political essays on topics ranging around the globe, from Afghanistan to the author's own troubled family.

Lying Lips and Deceitful Tongues

by Isabella Petersen

This is the story of a woman stricken with grief by the unexpected loss of her husband. Unbeknownst to her, this grief, which she suppressed because she was a "very strong and fearless person," became very vulnerable...


by Cedric Westbrook

In a society where poverty is more normal than not, gang life offers the security home life doesn?t. It?s the new family. So when someone violates your family, violence follows. But what if the violator is your...

Mostly Guilty

by Michael Challinger

A book for the general reader rather than lawyers, this often tongue-in-cheek account of Michael Challinger's interactions with the criminals he defends gives a first-hand account of the quirky nature of human...

The Rise of a Street General

by Michael "Turtoe" Stewart

The Rise of a Street General provides a unique and fascinating look into a gang member's journey to rise to the top. Starting with his initiation into the gang in 1975, this story chronicles his wars with rival...

I Walked Alone

by Head" Whitcomb,Robert "Big

The Hate Factories of AmericaIn the past fifty-seven years, Robert "Big Head" Whitcomb has spent over thirty-five years incarcerated in the state prison system and the federal prison system.He saved seven correctional...

The Lifer and the Lawyer

by George Critchlow & Michael Anderson

It is true that some people are very damaged. It is not true that they are all unsalvageable. The Lifer and the Lawyer raises questions about childhood trauma, religion, race, the purpose of punishment, and...

Watching the Devil Dance

by William Toffan

The unbelievable true story of Canada?s first known spree killer, told by a veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

In June 1966, Matthew Charles Lamb took his uncle?s shotgun and wandered down Ford Blvd...

Escape from Treasure Island

by William Morris

A true story of a young marine who escaped from a level 5 military prison on an island called Treasure Island. In the military, he graduated number one in his class; his future seemed bright. After his first...

The Port of Missing Men

by Aaron Goings

In the early twentieth century so many dead bodies surfaced in the rivers around Aberdeen, Washington, that they were nicknamed the “floater fleet.” When Billy Gohl (1873–1927), a powerful union official,...

Tiger Wars

by Al Cimino

Discover the shocking story of Joe Exotic versus Carole Baskin, as seen on the Netflix phenomenon, Tiger King.

The global smash-hit Netflix documentary mini-series, Tiger King, introduced viewers to the weird,...

A Convict's Life Brick by Brick

by David Lugo

A thrilling story of a sexually abused boy who grew up too fast. He's taken to a brothel at age thirteen and discovers his love for smoking fetish. He grows to become a notorious, wild gang member and convict...


by Jess Bravin

In the early 1950s, Lynette Fromme's world was more or less a paint-by-numbers existence that millions of other suburban children were living in Southern California. Red-haired, freckled, and convivial, she...

American Animals

by Eric Borsuk


?One of the most esoteric and far-fetched crimes in 21st-century annals.? ?The Hollywood Reporter

?A rare book heist that Danny Ocean may have applauded?except for one mistake.?...