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Girl Left Behind

by Judy Temes & Nancy Nimoy

Girl Left Behind

At age five, Judy Temes was living with her parents and brother in a small town near Hungary's southern border. Unlike most, the family had comforts: a roomy apartment, a television, even a...

Emma's Laugh

by Diana Kupershmit

As Diana surveyed her newborn baby's face, languid body, and absent cry, she knew something was wrong. Then the doctors delivered devastating news: her first child, Emma, had been born with a rare genetic disorder...

Border Crossings

by Mohammad Chowdhury

  • Mohammad Chowdhury was one of the first British-born Bangladeshis to study at Oxford, and he is now a senior partner at a global consulting firm.
  • He is a go-to expert on emerging markets for the BBC, the Financial...

Permanent Damage

by Mercy Fontenot & Lyndsey Parker

  • Miss Mercy was one of the members of the all-female, Frank Zappa-produced, 1960s band The GTOs, alongside Pamela Des Barres
  • Lyndsey Parker a music editor at Yahoo Entertainment, and hosts multiple shows on Sirius...

  • Swimming to the Top of the Tide

    by Patricia Hanlon

    “Like Wendell Berry and Rachel Carson, Hanlon is a true poet-ecologist, sharing in exquisitely resonant prose her patient observations of nature’s most intimate details. As she and her husband, through summer...

    The Passenger

    by Chaney Kwak


    “For fans of The Perfect Storm, In the Heart of the Sea, and Bill Bryson on his sassiest days.”—Afar Travel Magazine and Guide

    Aboard a sinking...

    Hope Is a Bright Star

    by Faith Fuller Wilcox

    Hope Is a Bright Star is the story of a mother’s journey from shock and fear at her young daughter’s cancer diagnosis to anguish and despair at her death just a year later—and, finally, to peace and acceptance...

    Serious Little Catholics

    by Kathy Gereau

    Serious Little Catholics follows Kathy Gereau, the oldest of seven children, as she grows up in the mid-’50s and ’60s and makes her way through Catholic school alongside her siblings. Initially, she buys...

    An Immigrant’s Memoir

    by Abdullahi M Arale

    The book is a nonfiction, storytelling memoir, narrated by the author himself from his personal immigration dilemmas in terms of early migration experiences to Canada, his ensuing struggles for establishing...

    Forgiving Tabitha

    by Marcy Lanes

    Marcy Lanes is a Native of Washington, DC. She studied at the University of the District of Columbia majoring in Child Psychology and her minor was Fashion. Two completely different worlds yet appropriate for...


    by Sarah Joy

    Still reeling from a neighborhood tragedy, Sarah, a happily married devoted mother of three, innocently confides in an acquaintance who calls herself a “spirit guide.” That encounter brought terror and chaos...

    Keynotes to a Journey of Great Adventure

    by Diana Labrada

    This book contains simple, everyday situations and was written with the intent to reach the broken, the weary, the poor in spirit, those holding on to the last string of hope, and anyone with an open heart to...

    An Accidental Prussian

    by Gabriele H. Miniter

    While tracing her family history through wars, revolution and terror in Europe, and murder in America, Gabriele Miniter also extensively researched the lives of her Prussian ancestors in search of a connection...

    So, I Journaled

    by Brindamour,Ashley

    "For me, journaling has long been a way to highlight my strengths and my weaknesses. My struggles have been the gas that fires up my writing hot rod. Today, as I flip through the pages of my old entries (and...

    One Student At A Time

    by Rand,Ken

    One Student at a Time is a memoir of my extraordinary teaching career including some of my incredible and memorable life experiences. My adventures in teaching and life are a roller-coaster ride of failures,...

    Raised by a Bipolar Genius

    by Danielle Sargent

    This book is about my life as a child growing up with a mentally ill parent. I reflect back on the most traumatic events that affected me throughout my rearing. My story is one of torment, joy, crisis, and great...

    On Greenwood We Grew

    by Charles Livingston

    My mother's motto for life was "If I ever knew the answer or truth, I would never forget it." I still don't know where that saying came from, but I like it anyway and have mentioned it countless times myself....

    The Pain We Hold Inside

    by Dionne Mack

    When author Dionne Mack awoke the morning of November 17, 2010, she was overcome with sadness and for an unknown reason she felt like something bad was going to happen. The feeling followed her all that day...


    by Brent LaPorte

    For readers of Alan Cumming’s Not My Father’s Son comes a heart-wrenching memoir that interrogates an abusive father and his dark legacy.

    Children who experience physical, mental, and emotional trauma at...

    World's Best Mother

    by Nuria Labari & Katie Whittemore

  • World’s Best Mother is the journey of a writer through infertility, pregnancy, the mothering of small children, marriage and an affair, told through a mix of personal anecdotes, imagination, and social commentary....