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Women in Tech

by Gillian Arnold, Hannah Dee, Clem Herman & Shilpa Shah et al.

  • Edited by Gillian Arnold, chair of CEPIS Women in ICT Taskforce 
  • Brings together the perspectives and expertise of 6 prominent and successful women in tech, with case studies from even more across the industry ...

Statistical Quality Control

by Bhisham C. Gupta


Provides a basic understanding of statistical quality control (SQC) and demonstrates how to apply the techniques of SQC to improve the quality of products in various sectors

This book...

High Performance Leadership

by Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, a leading keynote speaker and business strategist unveils a new paradigm for transformational leadership. Leaders are what leaders do.

Get deeper into the behavioral kinetics of leadership and...

Business Sustainability

by Zabihollah Rezaee

Business sustainability has become economic and strategic imperative with potential to create opportunities and risks for businesses. There have been considerable efforts by regulators and business organizations...

Bushido Capitalism

by Kengo Sakurada

In 2020, the world was rocked by the sudden and indiscriminate spread of COVID-19. But for all the damage caused – lives lost, economies roiled and jobs eradicated – it also created opportunities for individuals...

Sustainable Enterprise Strategies for Optimizing Digital Stewardship

by Angela I. Fritz

For most academic libraries, archives and museums, digital content management is increasingly occurring on a holistic enterprise level. As most institutions contemplate an enterprise digital content strategy...

Super Sonic Logos

by David Allan

This book looks at the best of the best of sonic logos from the people who gave them notes. Whether you consider them to be music to your ears or earworms, these are the ten most noteworthy sonic logos of all...

Managing for Accountability

by Lynne Curry

Veteran management consultant and HR expert Dr. Lynne Curry provides business owners, leaders, and managers a complete roadmap for creating accountability in the workplace.

Managing for Accountability: A Business...

The Referral Mindset

by Kerry Johnson

Referrals are the most effective way of getting business you will ever use. In fact, referrals are 35% more likely to do business with you and will give you 25% more money. But referrals also are among the most...

Aquaponics: A Complete Step by Step Guide to Grow Aquaponics at Home to Start an Expert Diy Aquaponic System (Comprehensive Guide on Starting Up Your Own Aquaponics Garden)

by Larry Schenk

Aquaponics is a food production method that combines conventional aquaculture, or fish farming, with hydroponics, or growing plants in water. The result is a system where fish and plants work together in an...

Summary of Cash Flow Quadrant

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Cash Flow Quadrant

You can never have true freedom without financial freedom. Freedom may be free, but it has a price.

Preface: What is Your Life’s Goal?

Finding your path in life is your goal in life....

The Asian Financial Crisis 1995–98

by Russell Napier

In the space of a few months, across Asia, a miracle became a nightmare. This was the Asian Financial Crisis of 1995–98. In this economic crisis hundreds of people died in rioting, political strong men were...

Clipped Coins, Abused Words, and Civil Government

by George Caffentzis & Harry Cleaver

This book situates John Locke’s philosophy of knowledge and his political theory within his engagement in British monetary debates of the 17th and 18th century.

Anchored in extensive archival research, George...

Cities in the Anthropocene

by Ihnji Jon

Climate change is real, and extreme weather events are its physical manifestations. These extreme events affect how we live and work in cities, and subsequently the way we design, plan, and govern them. Taking...

Civilizing Money

by George Caffentzis & Peter Linebaugh

'Capitalist critique and proletarian reasoning fit for our time' - Peter Linebaugh

Taking the Scottish Enlightenment philosopher David Hume as its subject, this book breaks new ground in focusing its lens on...

The Politics of Permaculture

by Terry Leahy

'Inspiring. [...] Crammed with lively interviews and grounded examples' Ashish Kothari, founder of Kalpavriksh

Permaculture is an environmental movement that makes us reevaluate what it means to be sustainable....

Defending Beef

by Nicolette Hahn Niman

“Nicolette Hahn Niman sets out to debunk just about everything you think you know . . .  She’s not trying to change your mind; she’s trying to save your world.”—Los Angeles Times

 “Elegant, strongly...

Ask the Right Questions; Get the Right Job

by Edward Barr

Too often people go to interviews prepared only to answer questions. They study the tough questions for days hoping to give the right responses on D-Day. These same people treat the interview as a cross examination;...

Experiencing Design

by Jeanne Liedtka, Karen Hold & Jessica Eldridge

In daylong hackathons, design thinking seems deceptively easy. On the surface, it involves a set of seemingly simple activities such as gathering data, identifying insights, generating ideas, prototyping, and...

MANUALE DI PSICOLOGIA IMPRENDITORIALE: Come diventare un Imprenditore Visionario

by Dario Abate





Questo libro,...