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Women in Tech

by Gillian Arnold, Hannah Dee, Clem Herman & Shilpa Shah et al.

  • Edited by Gillian Arnold, chair of CEPIS Women in ICT Taskforce 
  • Brings together the perspectives and expertise of 6 prominent and successful women in tech, with case studies from even more across the industry ...

High Performance Leadership

by Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, a leading keynote speaker and business strategist unveils a new paradigm for transformational leadership. Leaders are what leaders do.

Get deeper into the behavioral kinetics of leadership and...

Managing for Accountability

by Lynne Curry

Veteran management consultant and HR expert Dr. Lynne Curry provides business owners, leaders, and managers a complete roadmap for creating accountability in the workplace.

Managing for Accountability: A Business...


by Jude Jennison

Is your senior leadership team fully aligned and ready for fast-paced change?

Even the most cohesive teams can find themselves derailed by the uncertainty of change. High workloads increase stress, changing priorities...

The Power of Belonging

by Sunita Sehmi

This book is for anyone who wants to achieve better personal and organizational effectiveness and fruitful business relationships.

It is designed to give both the theoretical knowledge and the tools for action...

The Golden Thread

by Leanne Hamley

The Golden Thread is a blueprint for authentic organizational culture: what it is, what it isn't, why it matters, and how to build it.

If you are passionate about creating an environment where people thrive,...


by Daisy Dowling

An all-in-one resource for every working mother and father.

Sure, there are plenty of parenting books out there. But as working moms and dads, we've never had a trusted, go-to guide all our own—one that coaches...

Leading with Love and Laughter

by Zina Sutch & Patrick Malone

Leadership has for too long been treated as a function and not as a relationship. Zina Sutch and Patrick Malone argue that successful leadership must be based on love (altruism and empathy) and laughter (positive...

People Operations

by Jay Fulcher, Tracy Cote & Kevin Marasco

How the Best Companies are Skipping HR and Winning the Future of Work with People Ops

People Operations: Automate HR, Design a Great Employee Experience, and Unleash Your Workforce explains how leaders at small-...

Work Made Fun Gets Done!

by Bob Nelson & Felix Mario Tamayo

Bob Nelson, author of the multimillion-copy bestseller 1001 Ways to Reward Employees, and human performance expert Mario Tamayo offer hundreds of practical, creative tips for helping employees—and their managers—make...

Own Your Day

by Diana Marsland & Julie Nerney

·      Recognisable, frequently experienced challenges and barriers experienced by middle managers at work, with insight into how others have overcome them, providing practical takeaways and further resources....

Find Out How To Stay In Peace With Annoying Relatives Always

by Ray Melody

It is now becoming a culture in the society to have annoying relatives and controlling them is challenging, even resulting to the feeling of uncomfortable situations. Ideally, we’d love all our family members...

Enhance Your Relationship Management Easily With Little Effort

by Ray Melody

Relationship management is focusing on the measures put in place to monitor relationships involving an organization with outside associates, particularly its regular customers. In this kind of relationship,...

Ally Up

by Di Ciruolo

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are the buzzwords of the business world, but it?s the statistics that sting: 85% of corporate executives and board members in the U.S. are white men. Companies are trying...

Emotional Intelligence

by Amy Jacobson

Boost Emotional Intelligence in any situation to achieve exceptional results for any organisation 

As organisations around the world are putting more focus on the mindset and wellbeing of staff, the...

The HBR Diversity and Inclusion Collection (5 Books)

by Harvard Business Review

Push forward diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial justice at your organization.

The time is now to develop a company culture that seeks and celebrates difference, combats racism, and strives for equity. The...

Easy Steps To Overcoming Challenges From Difficult People At Work

by Ray Melody

Difficult people are among the contributors of day to day challenges at workplace and the core originators of disagreement - or "conflict", confrontation, inappropriate aggression or unacceptably high levels...

The Strengths-Based Organization

by Emily Hutchinson & Caroline Brown

Every leader cares about inclusivity, wellbeing and performance. For technical organizations these issues are especially acute: in the least diverse sectors, with every-increasing issues around mental health...

A Journey to Work from Home During Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown - Will It Still Be Relevant After the Pandemic

by Dr Sulaiman Baputey Ph.D

Triggered by the recent COVID-19 catastrophe, working from home has suddenly become the new normal of work practice, particularly for employees. Although the practice of working from home has started long ago...

Glass Half-Broken

by Colleen Ammerman & Boris Groysberg

Why the gender gap persists and how we can close it.

For years women have made up the majority of college-educated workers in the United States. In 2019, the gap between the percentage of women and the percentage...