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Permission Granted

by Regina Louise

Live unapologetically, fearlessly, and fabulously!

Get ready to discover and implement practical, fierce, and fun ways to manifest your desires in every personal and professional sphere. With verve and heart,...

Summary of Zero to One

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Zero to One

Zero to One is a book by Peter Thiel, co-founder of Pay-Pal. It presents a collection of advice and hints for startup companies.

This book, before it was even transformed into a book, was...

Pivot for Success

by Amy S. Hilliard

Inspiring stories and success secrets from business leader and entrepreneur Amy Hilliard

Pivot for Success tells business leader and entrepreneur Amy Hilliard’s stories of success, struggle, and sustainability...

Choosing Courage

by Jim Detert

An inspirational, practical, and research-based guide for standing up and speaking out skillfully at work.

Have you ever wanted to disagree with your boss? Speak up about your company's lack of diversity or unequal...

Betrayed by Work

by Julia Erickson & Suzanne Vosburg

Recover from Job Loss with Support of Other Women

"This is the first book that I know of that truly helps you learn from women from many professional sectors how to recover from big setbacks in our work lives....

The Gig Mindset Advantage

by Jane McConnell

Companies and organizations around the world are being confronted with alarming challenges?a global pandemic, market shocks, climate change, political instability. But in these unsettled times, organizational...

Convergence: Technology, Business, and the Human-Centric Future

by Deborah Westphal & Beth Comstock

-Coverage in national media and business journals such as Wall Street Journal and Forbes -Virtual conference appearances and speeches worldwide -Direct marketing to organizations supporting women in business...

Employees Are Flowers

by Tessa Vincent

As basic as it sounds, one of the keys to business success is to nurture your employees. Does it happen always or even most of the time? No. This pocket guide will help you re-evaluate your working practices...


by Guo Hongwen

In 2000, Robin Li founded Baidu and turned the company into the largest Chinese search engine, with over 80% market share by search query, and one of the world?s largest search engines. In 2005, Baidu completed...


by John P. Kotter, Vanessa Akhtar & Gaurav Gupta

Transform your organization with speed and efficiency using this insightful new resource 

Incremental improvement is no longer sufficient in helping organizations navigate the complexity, uncertainty and...

Row the Boat

by Jon Gordon & P.J. Fleck

Learn to live and lead with enthusiasm and optimism, impact your team, and transform your culture? 

In Row the Boat, Minnesota Golden Gophers Head Coach P.J. Fleck and bestselling author Jon Gordon deliver...

On Purpose With Purpose

by John Ramstead

In these turbulent and uncertain times, On Purpose With Purpose is the step-by-step guide leaders need to unlock their true potential and adapt for the future, so that they can lead themselves and their team...

Leading at a Distance

by James M. Citrin & Darleen DeRosa

A timely and hands-on resource informed by lessons learned from Fortune 500 CEOs and executives

Leading at a Distance provides executives with the necessary skills to successfully lead in the new virtual workplace,...

The Fearless Woman's Guide to Starting a Business

by Ameé Quiriconi

Create Your Own Women Owned Business Startup

??a guide for smart, ambitious women who want to make their mark on the world?a practical step-by-step journey to shifting your mindset and calling on your own resilience...

Go Big Now

by Julia Pimsleur

Transform Aspirational Thoughts into Life-Changing Results

What’s the biggest challenge you face if you want to accomplish great things? It’s getting and keeping the right mindset, according to the hundreds...

What Happens in Tomorrow World?

by Jordan Gross & Jon Gordon

Bestselling author and TEDx speaker Jordan Gross’s What Happens in Tomorrow World? offers a poignant, relatable, and necessary parable for navigating uncertainty.

What Happens in Tomorrow World? tells the story...

Tiny Noticeable Things

by Adrian Webster

Discover how you can draw people in and achieve greater success, in just a few minutes each day 

TNTs are Tiny Noticeable Things. They are all the little things that people don't need to do, but do. Though...

Summary of Think and Grow Rich

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Think and Grow Rich

Originally published in 1937, Think & Grow Rich is one of the greatest self-help and personal development books of all time. Written by Napoleon Hill, the book contains the fundamental...

Summary of Awaken the Giant Within

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Awaken the Giant Within

“Most people fail in life simply because they major in minor things.”

         “Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thing you must do is to...

The Entrepreneur's Paradox

by Curtis Morley

Conquer the 16 Pitfalls That Can Block Startup Company Success

"?shows prospective business men and women how to reach their goals while creating a launchpad for a business" ?Ryne Williams, Daily Herald