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Clipped Coins, Abused Words, and Civil Government

by George Caffentzis & Harry Cleaver

This book situates John Locke’s philosophy of knowledge and his political theory within his engagement in British monetary debates of the 17th and 18th century.

Anchored in extensive archival research, George...

Civilizing Money

by George Caffentzis & Peter Linebaugh

'Capitalist critique and proletarian reasoning fit for our time' - Peter Linebaugh

Taking the Scottish Enlightenment philosopher David Hume as its subject, this book breaks new ground in focusing its lens on...

Exploring Atlas Shrugged

by Edward W. Younkins

This book explores Ayn Rand’s monumental work, Atlas Shrugged, which presents a revolutionary new philosophical system in the form of an inspiring novel. Edward W. Younkins explains how Rand’s masterwork...

Why Trust Matters

by Benjamin Ho

Have economists neglected trust? The economy is fundamentally a network of relationships built on mutual expectations. More than that, trust is the glue that holds civilization together. Every time we interact...

Freedom in Contention

by Mikayla Novak

Social movements have been implicated in long-term societal transformations, helping bring about political democratization, economic freedom, and social equality. In recent years, movements such as Occupy Wall...

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

by Steven G. Koven

The U.S. is home to some of the largest corporations on the planet. American entrepreneurs spawned massive companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Oracle. Founders of these companies became very...

Efficiency and Input-Output Analyses

by Thijs ten Raa

Efficiency is the most important objective in economics and this book shows how it can be analyzed using input and output data at all levels of the economy. After his 'Input-Output Economics: Theory and Applications',...

Technological Retrogression

by Sylvi B. Endresen & Erik Reinert

The aim of this book is to broaden our understanding of technological change by adopting the concept of technological retrogression. With reference to concrete cases of technological retrogression a new conceptual...

Writing for Business

by Dennis Signorovitch

Each of the 16 unique and immersive cases takes you right into a situation that actually occurs in business and lets you practice the writing skills that will contribute to your career success: the need to change...

Better Capitalism

by Aaron E. Hedges, Paul E. Knowlton & David P. Gushee

Sometime in your business life you've looked up from the task or person in front of you, paused before your head explodes, and thought to yourself, "There's got to be a better way!" This book offers you that...

Afro-Latinos in the U.S. Economy

by Michelle Holder & Alan A. Aja

Afro-Latinos in the U.S. Economy outlines the current position and status of Afro-Latinxs in the economy of the United States. Very little research has thus far been disseminated in the field of economics on...

The Academic Mind and Reform

by Benjamin G. Rader

For over two generations economist Richard T. Ely popularized a wide spectrum of significant liberal social principles and mirrored many of the dilemmas, frustrations, and successes of the academician as a reformer....

Knowledge Management and Organization

by Ivan Radević

The book gives an insight into how the quality of health care may improve through the model of knowledge management and a multi-contingency approach to organizational design. The author assesses the relational...

Was the Good Samaritan a Bad Economist?

by Charles K. Wilber

In Was the Good Samaritan a Bad Economist? Charles K. Wilber argues that the American economy has not only failed to overcome poverty, it has generated extreme inequality that in turn restricts social mobility...

YES, I WANT. YES, I CAN. Essential tips to prosper economically in your life.

by Joan Pont GalmÉS

Dear friend, in 2017, with a salary of $1,150 per month, I managed to trade $1,200,000 in the stock market.

How is that possible?

In this book I will explain the secrets to change your social status and prosper...

Economics for a Healthy Planet

by Iain Miller

Scientists have told us we are destroying the planet. Most of us get it, we have even declared a climate change emergency. So why aren?t we treating it like an emergency? As long as we strive to grow our economies,...

Populism and Trade

by Kent Jones

Around the world, populism has weaponized anxieties over globalization and other forms of cultural, social, and economic change. Many populist leaders have succeeded in conflating trade concerns with apprehensions...

The Political Economy of Automotive Industrialization in East Asia

by Richard F. Doner, Gregory W. Noble & John Ravenhill

East Asia is a powerhouse of automobile production. Yet, across the region, national automobile industries have had strikingly different patterns of development. Despite starting from equally low levels of performance...

Economics in One Virus

by Ryan A. Bourne

"A truly excellent book that explains where our pandemic response went wrong, and how we can understand those failings using the tools of economics." ?Tyler Cowen, Holbert L. Harris Chair of Economics at George...

Our Long Walk to Economic Freedom

by Johan Fourie

How did Einstein help create Eskom? Why can an Indonesian volcano explain the Great Trek? What do King Zwelithini and Charlemagne have in common? These are some of the questions Johan Fourie explores in this...