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Man of the Futures

by Leo Melamed

As the founder of financial futures and initiator of Globex, the world?s first global electronic trading system, Leo Melamed revolutionized the finance industry. Man of the Futures, his definitive memoir, recounts...

Super Strategist

by Lesley Bielby & Douglas Atkin

Super Strategist: The Art and Science of Modern Account Planning is the only modern guide to advertising?s arguably most vital discipline, that has been written with the passion of someone who?s found their...

The Family Business

by Keel Hunt & Tim O'Reilly

The first book to tell the story of one of the world?s most influential media businesses, The Family Business draws on more than 70 interviews with company insiders as well as book-industry luminaries to present...

All Societies Die

by Samuel Cohn

In All Societies Die, Samuel Cohn asks us to prepare for the inevitable. Our society is going to die. What are you going to do about it? But he also wants us to know that there's still reason for hope.

In an...

Private Regulation of Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains

by Sarosh Kuruvilla

Private Regulation of Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains examines the effectiveness of corporate social responsibility on improving labor standards in global supply chains.

Sarosh Kuruvilla charts the development...

The United States of America

by Dr. Wenyi Yu

The US will have a 1-billion population by 2061. The author believes that an active and open immigration policy is beneficial to the United States in the long run. The bipartisan duopoly must be broken in order...

Circular Economy For Dummies

by Eric Corey Freed

Imagine a future free from wasted materials, labor, and energy for you, your business, and your family

A circular economy is an economic system designed to save money, eliminate waste, and achieve deep sustainability....

Global Recession: The Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review

by Harvard Business Review, Martin Reeves, Andris A. ZOLTNERS & Claudio Fernández-Aráoz et al.

Roar Out of the Covid-19 Recession

You've weathered the shock, the lockdowns, and the slow crawl back. But with a new normal come new risks—and new opportunities. What must you and your business do now to come...

The Values Economy

by Alan Williams & Samuel Williams

The exponential rate of change and disruption in the world mean that the traditional organization-structure-led approach is no longer fit for purpose. A combination of alignment, establishing a sense of shared...

Ecotourism in Appalachia

by Al Fritsch & Kristin Johannsen

Tourism is the world's largest industry, and ecotourism is rapidly emerging as its fastest growing segment. As interest in nature travel increases, so does concern for conservation of the environment and the...


by Carol Anne Hilton

Igniting the $100 billion Indigenous economy

It is time. It is time to increase the visibility, role, and responsibility of the emerging modern Indigenous economy and the people involved. This is the foundation...

Business Sustainability Factors of Performance, Risk, and Disclosure

by Zabihollah Rezaee

Business Sustainability Factors of Performance, Risk, and Disclosure examines sustainability factors of performance, risk and disclosure. The five dimensions of sustainability performance are economic, governance,...

GaYme Changer

by Jens Schadendorf

The LGBT+ community: for a long time marginalized, stigmatized, and criminalized ? today the ultimate champions of creativity, diversity, and innovation in a highly competitive world. In addition, corporate...

Sales Management That Works

by Frank V. Cespedes

In this smart, practical, and research-based guide, Harvard Business School professor Frank Cespedes offers essential sales strategies for a world that never stops changing.

The rise of e-commerce. Big data....

Broadening Trade Theory

by James R Markusen

This volume is a collection of the author's past and recent research. It concentrates on some topics that continue to be neglected in mainstream trade theory, but which have grown in empirical relevance as the...

Corporate Social Responsibility is not Public Relations

by Sangeeta Waldron

Research shows that CSR improves long-term business performance and that consumers prefer to patronise organizations with strong histories of social responsibility. Customers and employees are speaking with...

The Rise and Fall of the Privatized Pension System in Chile

by Andres Solimano

?The Rise and Fall of the Privatized Pension System in Chile? focuses on the Chilean experience with a privatised pension system since the early 1980 when launched by the Pinochet regime. It explores economic,...

Managing Abundance

by Pradeep Nevatia & Rahul Nevatia

India?s rural BPO guru Pradeep Nevatia joins with New York-based hedge fund investor Rahul Nevatia to present the until-now abstract concept of abundance through an innovative managing by ethics (MBE) framework...

Summary of Good to Great

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Good to Great

Jim Collin’s Good to Great examines companies that have not only endured over time, but who managed the transition from being good companies to becoming outstanding performers. The...

Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing

by Alan S. Gutterman

This book provides readers with a basic understanding of sustainable finance and impact investing including history, definitions of impact, current trends and drivers, future challenges, and an overview of the...