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Bread Baking Basics

by Gregory Berger

Make the Perfect Loaf with this Bread Baking Guide

#1 New Release in Rice & Grains and Breakfast Cooking

Bread Baking Basics by Gregory Berger explores the art of getting started and trying something new through...


by Hélène Jawhara Piñer

In this extraordinary cookbook, chef and scholar Hélène Jawhara-Piñer combines rich culinary history and Jewish heritage to serve up over fifty culturally significant recipes. Steeped in the history of the...

Gilded Age Cocktails

by Cecelia Tichi

A delightful romp through America’s Golden Age of Cocktails

The decades following the American Civil War burst with invention—they saw the dawn of the telephone, the motor car, electric lights, the airplane—but...

Just a Few Miles South

by Ouita Michel, Brenna Flannery, Genie Graf & Sara Gibbs et al.

For twenty years, diners in the Bluegrass have been able to satisfy their cravings for Ouita Michel's sustainable, farm-to-table cuisine at her many acclaimed restaurants. Each restaurant -- from Wallace Station...

September to Remember

by Carole Bumpus

Join Carole Bumpus and her husband in Book Three of the Savoring the Olde Ways series as they take you on their first culinary trek through Italy, including regions of Lombardy, Tuscany, Compania, Apulia, and...

Living Within the Wild

by Kirsten Dixon & Mandy Dixon

Living Within the Wild features over 100 original recipes, accompanied by personal stories and stunning photographs, to illustrate the lives of one Alaska family that has learned to live well amidst the intense...

Food Americana

by David Page

Two-time Emmy winner David Page changed the world of food television by creating, developing, and executive-producing the groundbreaking show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Unlike so many books that delve into...

Black Smoke

by Adrian Miller

Across America, the pure love and popularity of barbecue cookery have gone through the roof. Prepared in one regional style or another, in the South and beyond, barbecue is one of the nation's most distinctive...

Seeking the Historical Cook

by Kay K. Moss

Seeking the Historical Cook is a guide to historical cooking methods from eighteenth- and nineteenth-century receipt (recipe) books and an examination of how those methods can be used in kitchens today. Designed...

Mango and Peppercorns

by Elisa Ung, Tung Nguyen, Lyn Nguen & Katherine Manning et al.

A powerful memoir of resilience, friendship, family, and food from the acclaimed chefs behind the award-winning Hy Vong Vietnamese restaurant in Miami.

Through powerful narrative, archival imagery, and 20 Vietnamese...

Cocktails, Mocktails, and Garnishes from the Garden

by Katie Stryjewski

If you enjoyed books like The Drunken Botanist, The Wildcrafting Brewer, Shrubs, and Beautiful Booze, then you’ll love Cocktails, Mocktails and Garnishes from the Garden.

With a reference guide of herbal and...

Processed Meats

by Nicole Walker

"Nicole Walker writes with dazzling liquidity."

—ALISON HAWTHORNE DEMING, author of Zoologies

Nicole Walker made cheese and grew tomatoes as a means of coping when she failed to get pregnant. Amid the coronavirus...


by Cyle Young

What goes better together than chocolate and peanut butter? This match made in heaven has delighted young and old alike for decades. In the Midwest, these two delicious ingredients are combined into a sweet...

A Life in Wine

by Steven Spurrier

"Few people have so profoundly informed, guided and inspired generations through their journeys in wine. Steven Spurrier is one of England?s great modern renaissance figures." Andrew Caillard MW The moment he...

A Life in Wine

by Steven Spurrier

"Few people have so profoundly informed, guided and inspired generations through their journeys in wine. Steven Spurrier is one of England?s great modern renaissance figures." Andrew Caillard MW The moment he...

The Forme of Cury: A Roll of Ancient English Cookery

by Samuel de La Vallee Pegge

Forme of Cury was the name given by Samuel Pegge to a roll of cookery written by the Master Cooks of King Richard II of England. It is an extensive collection of medieval English recipes and is by far the most...

The Physiology of Taste

by Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin & Mint Editions

Originally published in 1825, Physiology of Taste is a culinary masterpiece that gives insight into the history and practice of eating, both together and alone. The author uses a unique storytelling style to...

A Long Stride

by Nicholas Morgan

The history of Johnnie Walker, tracing its roots back to 1820, is also the history of Scotch whisky. But who was John Walker ? the man who started the story? And how did his business grow from the shelves of...

Fermentation as Metaphor

by Sandor Ellix Katz

Los Angeles Times Best Cookbooks 2020

Saveur Magazine "Favorite Cookbook to Gift"

Esquire Magazine Best Cookbooks of 2020

"The book weaves in reflections on art, religion, culture, music, and more, so even if you’re...


by Lori De Mori & Laura Jackson

Selected as a Best Cookbook of the Year by The Guardian, The Independent, Stylist and Daily Mail

"Towpath is one of the reasons I live in London."—Keira Knightley

"Dive in and cook up a Towpath feast for your...