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Beer Fest USA

by M. B. Mooney

Beer. Friends. Fun. Put them together, and you have a beer fest! Join M. B. Mooney as he travels the United States to bring you the delights of Beer Fest USA.

While beer has always been an important part of...

How to Be a Vodka Snob

by Brittany Jacques

Do you know your Moscow Mule from your White Russian? Your Stoli from your Belvedere? Micron filtering from charcoal filtering? No matter how you take your vodka, it is time to embrace your inner vodka snob....

The Distilleries of Vancouver Island

by Marianne Scott

A guided tour that highlights the recent evolution of the 21 craft and artisan distilleries that have sprung up on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

In the past five years the number of craft and artisan...

Gilded Age Cocktails

by Cecelia Tichi

A delightful romp through America’s Golden Age of Cocktails

The decades following the American Civil War burst with invention—they saw the dawn of the telephone, the motor car, electric lights, the airplane—but...

Cannabis Drinks

by Jamie Evans

Welcome to the future of beverages! Infusing cannabis into drinks can be done in a variety of ways. Learn all about it as you craft delicious cocktails, smoothies, lattes, and spirit-free mixed drinks. 


Cocktails, Mocktails, and Garnishes from the Garden

by Katie Stryjewski

Botany for Bartenders

?Cocktails, Mocktails and Garnishes from the Garden is perfect for stirring things up and taking your drinks to a new level.? ?The Two Classy Chics

#1 New release in Garnishing Meals, and...

A Life in Wine

by Steven Spurrier

"Few people have so profoundly informed, guided and inspired generations through their journeys in wine. Steven Spurrier is one of England?s great modern renaissance figures." Andrew Caillard MW The moment he...

A Life in Wine

by Steven Spurrier

"Few people have so profoundly informed, guided and inspired generations through their journeys in wine. Steven Spurrier is one of England?s great modern renaissance figures." Andrew Caillard MW The moment he...

Coffee For Dummies

by Major Cohen

Get the skinny on your morning joe

Do you swear by your morning jolt of caffeine but are hard-pressed to tell a siphon from a slow dripper? No problem: just order a fresh copy of Coffee For Dummies for a smooth...

Old Fashioned Magick

by Bryson Granger

A bar book written during a global pandemic. ?Old Fashioned Magick: Cocktails Under Quarantine? is an instructional bar book written under quarantine 2020. Your guidebook for surviving quarantine with your liquor...

Growing Your Own Cocktails, Mocktails, Teas & Infusions

by Jodi Helmer

There’s nothing quite like a thirst-quenching beverage, especially when it’s made with fresh ingredients you picked from your very own garden! This book will show you what leaves, flowers, fruits, vegetables,...

Italian Wines 2021

by Aa. Vv.

Now in its 24th edition, Italian Wines 2021 is the English-language version of Gambero Rosso's Vini d'Italia 2021. More complete than ever, the guide reviews 2,645 wineries and a total of 24,500 wines, awarding...

Baking Pastry Favorite Recipes for Baker

by S.Timothy

This book a must-have for beginners and expert home bakers including Puff-Pastry Jam Cookies, Cream Filled Doughnuts, Apple Pie, Easy Lemon Tart, sausage rolls, Blueberry Filled Croissants, Berliner Breakfast...

A Long Stride

by Nicholas Morgan

The history of Johnnie Walker, tracing its roots back to 1820, is also the history of Scotch whisky. But who was John Walker ? the man who started the story? And how did his business grow from the shelves of...

Wine Fermentation - Including Winery Directions and Information on Pure Yeast

by Frederic T. Bioletti

?Wine Fermentation? is a vintage treatise on the production of wine written by F. T. Bioletti, including instructions for wineries and chapters on pure yeast. Frederic Theodore Bioletti (1865 ? 1939) was an...

Whisky Classified

by David Wishart

This book on single malt whisky makes an excellent guide for all whisky drinkers, from the novice to the connoisseur. Single malt whisky is the fastest expanding sector of the booming whisky market. Over half...


by Stacey Kwong & Beyah del Mundo

Satisfy your bubble tea cravings at home (and affordably)! Boba includes over 50 easy-to-follow recipes, mouthwatering photos, and the inspiring story of the women-owned business MILK+TEA.

No matter if you call...

Kentucky Bourbon Country

by Susan Reigler, Carol Peachee & Pam Spaulding

Like wine lovers who dream of traveling to Bordeaux or beer enthusiasts with visions of the breweries of Belgium, bourbon lovers plan their pilgrimages to Kentucky. Some of the most famous distilleries are tucked...

Bottoms Up

by Sheilah Roberts Lukins

In 1617, Lord Falkland’s colonists in Newfoundland were instructed to bring, among other things, 20 barrels of caske (ale), 90 bushels of malt, a malt mill, 4500 pounds of hops, 1 firkin of Aqua vitae, 1 firkin...

Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide: How to Mix Drinks

by Jerry Thomas

In 1862, Jerry Thomas published a recipe book for drinks that is arguably the most famous and widely read bartender?s cocktail book ever written. Known most often as ?Jerry Thomas? Bartender?s Guide: or How...