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The Importance of Being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde

The Importance of Being Earnest Was First performed on 14 February 1895 at the St James's Theatre in London, it is a farcical comedy in which the protagonists maintain fictitious personæ to escape burdensome...


by Guy de Maupassant

Suicides" is a story by the French writer Guy de Maupassant. The work is dedicated to the painter Georges Legrand. The whole story is aimed at the distressing repetitiveness of situations and life in general.The...

The importance of being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde

The Importance of Being Earnest is a glorious comedy of mistaken identity, which ridicules codes of propriety and etiquette. Wilde's "trivial play for serious people" is a sparkling comedy of manners. This hilariously...

A Woman of No Importance

by Oscar Wilde

  • This edition contains original illustrations.
This play is all about money, class and secrets. Oscar Wilde is at his funniest and most perceptive. This edition is designed for performance, at the end are a...

Henrik Ibsen: The Complete Works

by Henrik Ibsen

16 Complete Works of Henrik Ibsen

A Doll's House

An Enemy of the People

Early Plays


Hedda Gabler

Ibsen's Prose Dramas Vol III

John Gabriel Borkman

Little Eyolf

Love's Comedy

Pillars of Society


The Feast...

Uncle Vanya Scenes from Country Life in Four Acts

by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Uncle Vanya is one of Anton Checkov's four major plays. It was first performed in 1900, the year after its publication, under direction by the celebrated Konstantin Stanislavski. The text reworks an earlier...

The Importance of Being Earnest A Trivial Comedy for Serious People

by Oscar Wilde

This lighthearted play tells the farcical tale of Jack Worthing and Algernon Montcrieff--two men who falsely claim to be named Ernest when they fall in love with two women whose affections are illogically but...

Salomé A Tragedy in One Act

by Oscar Wilde

Salome is a tragic play written by Oscar Wilde, which tells the biblical story of Salome. Salome dances the Dance of the Seven Veils so well that she receives a boon from her stepfather Herod Antipas. Much to...


by Henrik Ibsen

Helen Alving is about to dedicate an orphanage she has built in the memory of her dead husband, Captain Alving. She reveals to her spiritual advisor, Pastor Manders, that she has hidden the evils of her marriage,...

Lady Windermere's Fan

by Oscar Wilde

Lady Windermere's Fan: A Play About a Good Woman is a play by Oscar Wilde, who uses his sharp wit to satirize Victorian ideals about marriage. Lady Windemere suspects her husband of infidelity and retaliates...

Cyrano de Bergerac

by Edmond Rostand

Widely considered the most popular modern French play, Cyrano de Bergerac has dazzled audiences with its wit and eloquence since it premiered in 1897.

Cyrano, a quarrelsome, hot-tempered swordsman, as famous...

A Doll's House

by Henrik Ibsen

A Doll's House is a three-act play in prose by Henrik Ibsen. The play is significant for its critical attitude toward 19th-century marriage norms. It aroused great controversy at the time, as it concludes with...

A Woman of No Importance

by Oscar Wilde

The expectations and inequalities of the British upper-class are brought to the forefront when Mrs. Arbuthnot is forced to set her impeccable reputation aside for the sake of an important opportunity presented...

A Doll's House

by Henrik Ibsen

A unique combination of performance and commentary. Topics include body language and camera angles; rehearsal vs. performance; set design, costume and make-up; and historical context.

An Enemy of the People (translated by R. Farquharson Sharp with an introduction by Otto Heller)

by Henrik Ibsen

First performed in 1882, Henrik Ibsen?s ?An Enemy of the People? is the story of the animosity that can befall someone whose actions, while in the best interest of the public good, threaten the economic well...

When we dead awaken

by Henrik Ibsen

Ibsen’s last play and his most confessional work, it is an examination of the problem that had obsessed him throughout his career: the struggle between art and life. Arnold Rubek, a famous sculptor, is vacationing...

A Doll's House : a play

by Henrik Ibsen

The SoTo publishing house, founded in 2014, was in the beginning an Imprint publisher only. During the years it was shown that the readers are still preferring the classics of history of literature.


The Collected Works of Henrik Ibsen

by Henrik Ibsen

This comprehensive eBook presents the complete works or all the significant works - the Œuvre - of this famous and brilliant writer in one ebook - easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate: • A Doll's House: a play...

Miss Julie

by August Strindberg & David French

David French’s adaptation of August Strindberg’s disturbing and enduring drama of the transgressive affair between the daughter of a count and the count’s man-servant has an eerie contemporary feel about...

The Importance of Being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde's play ''The Importance of Being Earnest'' is both humorous and lighthearted. Set in England and published in 1895, it is one of Wilde's best-loved works. It is a comedy of identity and self-invention....