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Equitable Education

by Sameena Choudry

Never has a book on social justice and equitable education been so relevant.

Recent events have highlighted the huge attainment gaps that exist for many pupils within the education system because of factors...

To Be a Better Coach

by Pete Van Mullem & Lori Gano-Overway

In To Be a Better Coach: A Guide for the Youth Sport Coach and Coach Developer, Pete Van Mullem and Lori Gano-Overway combine hands-on experience and comprehensive research to offer coaches and coach developers...

Literacy Experiences of Formerly Incarcerated Women

by Melanie N. Burdick

In Literacy Experiences of Formerly Incarcerated Women: Sentences and Sponsors, Melanie N. Burdick uses narrative research to elucidate the literacy experiences of formerly incarcerated women and how literacy...

The Intersection of High-Impact Practices

by Shauna Reilly & Samantha Langley-Turnbaugh

The Intersection of High-Impact Practices: What’s Next for Higher Education? examines high-impact practices and their impacts individually and collectively to demonstrate the added value of connecting high-impact...

Compass to the Future

by Karen L. Bevis & Dustin A. Bailey

A comprehensive guidebook for anyone with a desire to teach. Dr’s Bevis and Bailey provide a roadmap for the many details required of entry into and completion of an Educator Preparation Program. Key elements...

The Superintendent and the CFO

by Brian L. Benzel & Kenneth E. Hoover

Building a strong relationship with the CFO is essential for superintendents seeking to build sustainable educational programs for all students. Benzel and Hoover use their CFO and superintendent experience...

Culturally Relevant Teaching

by Beverly J. Klug

American Indian Education/indigenous education is still faltering today and is not producing significant differences in results where school practices follow those for the dominant culture. Inroads have been...

81 Questions for Parents

by Kristen J. Amundson

As a former teacher, school board chair, and state legislator, Kristen J. Amundson has spent decades answering parents’ questions about school. This book highlights 81 questions, covering a child’s school...

The Chief Development Officer

by Ronald J. Schiller

The Chief Development Officer: Beyond Fundraising is a guide not only to those preparing for or serving in the role of CDO but also to those charged with selecting, appointing, and supporting CDOs. It includes...

Disabling the School-to-Prison Pipeline

by Laura Vernikoff

Young people who have received special education services in the United States are vastly overrepresented in juvenile and adult criminal justice systems relative to their numbers in the general population. Although...

Thinking with Maps

by Bertram C. Bruce

Spatial reasoning, which promises connection across wide areas, is itself ironically often not connected to other areas of knowledge. Thinking with Maps: Understanding the World through Spatialization addresses...

Colleges Worth Your Money

by Andrew Belasco, Dave Bergman & Michael Trivette

Colleges Worth Your Money: A Guide to What America's Top Schools Can Do for You is an invaluable guide for students making the crucial decision of where to attend college when our thinking about higher education...

The School Connection

by Sheila E. Sapp

This handbook is a guide and recourse of strategies, tips, and how-to-do’s for parents/caregivers, teachers, and school leaders. The author provides topics in the handbook that addresses parent involvement/engagement...

Parents and School Technology

by Gerard Giordano

Parents had reasons to be alarmed about school technology. They had been warned that these abuses could influence their children’s academic progress, motivation, communication, creativity, critical thinking,...

Doable Differentiation

by Jane A. G. Kise

Differentiating for students' learning preferences can often seem too complex and complicated for too little gain. Learn a better way forward with the guidance of Doable Differentiation. Author Jane A. G. Kise...

Beyond Conversations About Race

by Washington Collado, Sharroky Hollie, Rosa Isiah & Yvette Jackson et al.

Written by a collective of brilliant authors, this essential work provokes respectful dialogue about race that catalyzes school-changing action. The book masterfully weaves together an array of scenarios and...

Online Teaching at Its Best

by Linda B. Nilson & Ludwika A. Goodson

Bring pedagogy and cognitive science to online learning environments

Online Teaching at Its Best: Merging Instructional Design with Teaching and Learning Research, 2nd Edition, is the scholarly resource for...

SIE Exam Prep 2021-2022

by Stephen Cress

Taking the SIE Exam? This Study Guide Will Help You Ace the Exam and Get the Perfect Score!

Do you plan to take the FINRA Securities Industry Essentials Exam soon?

Do you find preparing for the exam challenging...

The Inclusive Classroom

by Ginger Kelley McKenzie, Victoria S. Zascavage, Vanessa M. Rigaud & Crystal Dahlmeier et al.

The Inclusive Classroom: Creating a Cherished Experience through Montessori brings together experts in Montessori Education and Special Education for the 3- to 6-year-old child in Montessori school. This book...

I Love The Letter L

by Escobedo,Aj

Created with the intention to aid young children with the pronunciation of the letter L by engaging their minds on an adventure of all the great experiences that involve the letter L. I Love the Letter L is...