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Outcry Response

by Kathleen Davis

Outcry Response is a book about sexual abuse for educators and administrators of all private and public learning institutions, organizations, and nontraditional settings. How to listen, respond, report, and...

Space-N-Robots Coloring Book for Ages 3+ (Printable Version)

by Sheba Blake

A lovely robot coloring book for boys and girls who love robots. A beautiful coloring book, full of robots and outer space that's perfect for boys, girls and adults of all ages.

Why You'll Love This Book:


Pre-K Sight Words Tracing Activity Book for Ages 3+ (Printable Version)

by Sheba Blake

This activity book will help your child practice with the Dolce 40 sight words for pre-kindergarten or preschool. 

Why You'll Love This Book:

• Features Dolce 40 sight words for pre-k.

• Age appropriate pictures...

ABC Letter Tracing Activity Book for Ages 3+ (Printable Version)

by Sheba Blake

This activity book will help your child learn how to write their alphabet, contains both capital and small letters.

Why You'll Love This Book:

• Letter tracing for A-Z.

• Age appropriate pictures for elementary...

The Chief Development Officer

by Ronald J. Schiller

The Chief Development Officer: Beyond Fundraising is a guide not only to those preparing for or serving in the role of CDO but also to those charged with selecting, appointing, and supporting CDOs. It includes...

Because We Care

by Russell N. Myers

Over the past half century, the field of chaplaincy has come to a fork in the road. Many will recognize the well-traveled path of traditional chaplaincy. Others will follow the newer but clearly marked way to...

Cognitive Competence and Reading/Writing Development in Canada and the World

by Sumar Yousef Ghizan

**The information about the book is not available as of this time.

Practical Plant Physiology

by Frederick Keeble & M.C. Rayner

First published in 1910, ?Practical Plant Physiology? is an accessible guide to elementary botany. Originally designed for students and teachers, it offers an introductory outline of the experiments and experimental...

Ten Days That Shook the World of Education

by Donald Parkerson & Jo Ann Parkerson

Ten Days that Shook the World of Education: A Close Look at the People who Facilitated Educational Change focuses on the critical moments that changed the course of our unique educational experiment. These important...

12 Rules for Studying

by Renelo Peque

Over the years, Renelo developed study techniques and strategies that were essential in helping him complete his degrees while working full-time. He hopes to share these techniques and strategies to all students...

The Formal Banquet Service Series

by Kelly Post

Written for Servers by Servers. The FORMAL BANQUET SERVICE Series stands alone as the 5-STAR course in proper server etiquette and efficient as well as effective banquet service practices.

In Middle Tennessee...

Chase's Calendar of Events 2021

by Editors of Chase's

Find out what's going on any day of the year, anywhere across the globe!

The world’s date book since 1957, Chase's is the definitive, authoritative, day-by-day resource of what the world is celebrating and...

Rule the Kingdom of ACT

by Joseph,Duane Anthony

Our Rule the Kingdom of ACT test prep guide builds off three principles: Strategies, knowledge, and practice. It provides a clear understanding of how to strategize for the English, Math, Reading, and Science...

Classroom Confidential

by Victoria Lucido

Classroom Confidential is written to help thousands of new and often struggling teachers feel supported and less alone as they face challenges and concerns.

Classroom Confidential is filled with insights from...

The Art of Perfumery

by George William Septimus Piesse & G.W. Septimus Piesse





by Reynaldo Pareja

Is there an underlying, unifying factor that could give us a frame of reference to grasp into one holistic view, an explanation, a description that would give us a unifying understanding of all physical reality...

Basket of Corruption over Six Continents

by Dr. Yash Paul Soni

This book is for everyone who?s struggling to find their place in the world. The preparation of this Souvenir Book of the ?BASKET OF CORRUPTION OVER SIX CONTINENTS? has been a work of love. Anything worthwhile...

Voices and Visions of Education Heroes, Leaders, and Elders

by Charles H. Wheatley Obe PhD.

From the birth of a formal education system through the end of slavery in the early nineteenth century to today?s struggles to incorporate technology into classrooms, this book delivers a detailed history of...

Straight Talk for College-Bound Students and Their Parents

by Saundra Richardson Mckay

When looking ahead to college, high school students often don?t consider the here and now. Meanwhile, parents might plan for tuition, but even they don?t know much about preparing their child for higher education...

Quick Reference for Band Directors Who Teach Orchestra

by Ronald E. Kearns

The book is intended to help new and veteran band directors develop an orchestra in their school. It outlines step by step what needs to be done before the teacher meets students, preparing for the first rehearsal...