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Outcry Response

by Kathleen Davis

Outcry Response is a book about sexual abuse for educators and administrators of all private and public learning institutions, organizations, and nontraditional settings. How to listen, respond, report, and...

Can You Beat Churchill?

by Michael A. Barnhart

How do you get students to engage in a historical episode or era? How do you bring the immediacy and contingency of history to life? Michael A. Barnhart shares the secret to his award-winning success in the...

The Power of Parent-Child Conversations

by Jeff Zwiers

This book focuses on how parents and other caregivers can have richer and more fruitful conversations with their children. Parents will be able to use the ideas in this book to improve conversations with their...

Whole-Child Teaching

by James D. Trifone

The book discusses the failed reform initiatives of the 20th century’s “one size fits all” model for American education. A recommendation is made to adopt a systemic change in how, why, and what we teach,...

A Time for Change

by Martha R. Bireda

How did America become a nation obsessed with race? A Time for Change explores America’s beginnings as a “class-based” society, the creation of America’s racial consciousness through the invention of...

The 200 Communication Commandments

by Doug Campbell

Doug Campbell was about to enter college and he had a serious problem—he was extremely introverted, socially awkward, and terrified of public speaking. Why was this an issue? Because he knew that he would...

Literacy Heroines

by Alice S. Horning

Literacy Heroines is about twelve amazing women who lived and worked in the period 1880-1930 who used their literacy abilities to address major issues in the country in those years, including some we still face...

Coaching for Educator Wellness

by Tina H. Boogren

Fully and confidently step into your role as an instructional coach with the support of Coaching for Educator Wellness. This instructional leadership guide offers evergreen strategies alongside fresh new solutions...

Free-Range Kids

by Lenore Skenazy

Learn to raise independent, can-do kids with a new edition of the book that started a movement

In the newly revised and expanded Second Edition of Free-Range Kids, New York columnist-turned-movement leader Lenore...

Engaging Ideas

by John C. Bean & Dan Melzer

Use your course's big ideas to accelerate students’ growth as writers and critical thinkers

The newly revised third edition of Engaging Ideas delivers a step-by-step guide for designing writing assignments...

The Together Teacher

by Maia Heyck-Merlin, Marin Smith & Maggie G. Sorby

An essential guide for today's over-scheduled teachers

Teaching is a tough job, period. With so much pressure and so many competing demands, it can be easy to fall apart, or to get lost in the daily grind. The...

Mathematical Journeys

by Theoni Pappas

Are you a teacher, parent, homeschooler, or just plain curious or perplexed by mathematics, if so Mathematical Journeys will open new vistas into why math is so important and essential in our lives while expanding...

The Power to Speak Naked

by Sean Tyler Foley

The Power To Speak Naked helps everyone unleash the power to speak the raw naked truth.

For those who want to advance their career, increase their wage, improve their social standing, and skyrocket their confidence,...

Inquiry-Driven Innovation

by Liz Dawes-Duraisingh & Andrea Rose Sachdeva

Promote positive change and elevate teacher practice with this actionable framework for school-based innovation

Inquiry-Driven Innovation: A Practical Guide to Supporting School-Based Change addresses a pressing...

Trauma-Sensitive Instruction

by John F. Eller & Tom Hierck

The impact of trauma on learning can be significant and long lasting. Learn how you can confidently and meaningfully support your trauma-impacted students and foster trauma-informed schools with this accessible...

Design/Progettazione in infant-toddler centres and preschools

by Loris Malaguzzi, Jane McCall, Claudia Giudici & Paola Cagliari et al.

This is the third in Reggio Children's "Fragments" series dedicated to making Loris Malaguzzi's writing, and his talks at conferences and professional learning meetings, available to a wider public. In this...

The Equity & Social Justice Education 50

by Baruti K. Kafele

How do you ensure that no student is invisible in your classroom? How do you make the distinction between equity as the vehicle versus equity as the goal for each of your students? What measures do you take...

Lessons Will Be Learned

by Martin Baker & Mike Glanville

As a survivor...this is more than an important book: it is a manual for saving lives.

Alex Renton, author of Stiff Upper Lip: Secrets, Crimes and the Schooling of a Ruling Class

 “This book lives up to...

Navigating Life’s Sling Shots & Leading from Within

by Dr. Lateshia Woodley

This project was birth out of the desire to bring awareness to the plight of women in leadership. The concept of the sling shot is used as a metaphor for life. When we think of a sling shot we think of a toy...

Perception Is Key

by Richard D., Tomko

Leaders and aspiring leaders looking to be successful in their company or organization must accept the role that politics plays in the daily happenings of the workplace. Great leadership includes the ability...