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Outcry Response

by Kathleen Davis

Outcry Response is a book about sexual abuse for educators and administrators of all private and public learning institutions, organizations, and nontraditional settings. How to listen, respond, report, and...

The Power of Parent-Child Conversations

by Jeff Zwiers

This book focuses on how parents and other caregivers can have richer and more fruitful conversations with their children. Parents will be able to use the ideas in this book to improve conversations with their...

Whole-Child Teaching

by James D. Trifone

The book discusses the failed reform initiatives of the 20th century’s “one size fits all” model for American education. A recommendation is made to adopt a systemic change in how, why, and what we teach,...

Are we born to drive?

by Marco Mazzocco

Compared to a vehicle, our brain processes data at a speed of about 8 km/h (approx. 5 mi/h), even if we are driving at 130 km/h (approx. 80 mi/h). We often underestimate the complexity of the act of driving....

A Time for Change

by Martha R. Bireda

How did America become a nation obsessed with race? A Time for Change explores America’s beginnings as a “class-based” society, the creation of America’s racial consciousness through the invention of...

Teaching Social Issues in the Middle Grades

by Selma Wassermann

Teaching Social Issues in the Middle Grades: A Teacher’s Guide to Using Case Studies to Promote Intelligent Inquiry provides a collection of ten cases for use in the middle grades that focus on many of the...

Alexander Williamson

by Takaaki Inuzuka & Haruko Laurie

  • Tells the little-known story of how Alexander Williamson helped five young men (Chōshū Five) to become students at UCL and how that led to them becoming leaders in the modernisation of Japan.
  • Alexander Williamson...

Design/Progettazione in infant-toddler centres and preschools

by Loris Malaguzzi, Jane McCall, Claudia Giudici & Paola Cagliari et al.

This is the third in Reggio Children's "Fragments" series dedicated to making Loris Malaguzzi's writing, and his talks at conferences and professional learning meetings, available to a wider public. In this...

The Myth of the Saving Power of Education

by Hannah Adams Ingram

In the United States, young people are bombarded with messages that they must go to college in order to secure their place in the middle class. Those who are most disadvantaged in society are the most frequent...

Dark Academia

by Peter Fleming

There is a strong link between the neoliberalisation of higher education over the last 20 years and the psychological hell now endured by its staff and students. While academia was once thought of as the best...

On Learning

by David Scott

  • A work of philosophy that addresses one of the key issues of our times: the impoverishment of learning environments.
  • By asking questions about the nature of learning and how it relates to other concepts, the...

81 Questions for Parents

by Kristen J. Amundson

As a former teacher, school board chair, and state legislator, Kristen J. Amundson has spent decades answering parents’ questions about school. This book highlights 81 questions, covering a child’s school...

Colleges Worth Your Money

by Andrew Belasco, Dave Bergman & Michael Trivette

Colleges Worth Your Money: A Guide to What America's Top Schools Can Do for You is an invaluable guide for students making the crucial decision of where to attend college when our thinking about higher education...

The School Connection

by Sheila E. Sapp

This handbook is a guide and recourse of strategies, tips, and how-to-do’s for parents/caregivers, teachers, and school leaders. The author provides topics in the handbook that addresses parent involvement/engagement...

A College For Appalachia

by P. David Searles

Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd was a New England woman with a mission in life. In 1916 she settled on Caney Creek in Eastern Kentucky, determined to bring higher education to this remote corner of Appalachia. The...

The Evolution Controversy in America

by George Webb

For well over a century, the United States has witnessed a prolonged debate over organic evolution and teaching of the theory in the nation's public schools. The controversy that began with the publication of...

Challenge and Change in Appalachia

by Jess Stoddart

The first and most successful rural social settlement school in the United States lies at the forks of Troublesome Creek in Knott County, Kentucky. Since its founding in 1902 by May Stone and Katherine Pettit,...

Series 7 Exam 2022-2023 For Dummies with Online Practice Tests

by Steven M. Rice

The study tool you need for the Series 7 Exam 

Your gateway to the world of finance is the Series 7 Exam: pass it and you?re in for a rewarding career as a stockbroker. You don?t have to study for this important...

To University and Beyond

by Mandee Heller Adler & David Teten

Learn how to use your time as a student to supercharge your career

To University and Beyond: Launch Your Career in High Gear delivers a step-by-step guide to using your educational years to put you in the right...

Keys Desert Queen Ranch: A Visual & Historical Tour

by Thomas Crochetiere

From an early American Indian site, to a cow camp, to a mill site, to a family ranch; Desert Queen Ranch was the home of Bill and Frances Keys. Together, they made a life and raised their children in this remote...