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Hell's Jaw Pass

by Max O'Hara

The building of the transcontinental railroad is the story of America itself. Full of great dreams—and greater dangers—it required bold vision, back-breaking work, and one brave man to stop the baddest of...

Hunter's Moon

by William W. Johnstone & J.A. Johnstone

Johnstone Country. Loaded for Bear.

Ex-Rebel tracker Hunter Buchanon and his faithful coyote Bobby Lee come face to face—and tooth and claw—with the biggest, fiercest killer they’ve ever known . . .


The Morgans

by William W. Johnstone & J.A. Johnstone

A thrilling new Western series from William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone featuring the Last Gunfighter himself, Frank Morgan.



In this explosive new series, William W. and...


by James Hall

A riveting fantasy about fallen angels who rebelled since the beginning of time. An untold story of a wingless entity arriving on Earth to awaken a tree in hibernation. A mysterious girl grows up in the wilderness...

Exit Strategy

by Meyer,Michael

Exit Strategy is the first book in a continuing series introducing the main characters. It is a crime thriller, which bounces between two events being investigated by the FBI over two weeks in late August/early...

American Pimps: The Vinnie Mac Story

by Vincent E. Jordan

Vinnie Mac grew up in the streets as a nickel-and-dime hustler. He left his hometown of Long Beach and went to Job Corps in Utah. That trip would change his life forever. Vinnie, having his first baby at seventeen...

The Slayer

by Stan A Cowie

The Slayer #1 The Slayer is a contractor (mercenary) tired of military politics, tired of watching wrongs not being corrected. He accepts a contract from a retired commanding officer from his old regiment as...

Project Sapphire

by Leslie Cameron

Blame Liesel: it was all her idea… •First, she meets Tom in the Golden Dragon hotel in Nonthaburi. •Second, she lets him take her to his room. •Third, she tells Tom to: “Dream of Jenna dressed in royal...

The Back of Beyond

by Martin Vopěnka & Anna Bryson

Martin Vopěnka’s novel, The Back of Beyond—Travels with Benjamin, is the story of a middle-aged man, who—despite his professional success and affluence—lacks fulfillment. After the tragic death of his...

Camp Air Cowboy

by Angelo Amadeus

Braxton Mathis is a young man who has lived and experienced the tragedy of losing his parents when he was just a baby. In an attempt to escape this tragedy. He leaves Houston by enlisting in the U.S. Army. After...

The Bearly Adventures of Henry Mctavish

by MaurGlenn

The book introduces the reader to a young bear who has been cast aside due to his previous owners demise. This is the first in the adventures this young bear experiences on his travels to finding his place in...

Little James’ Big Adventures

by Janine Iannelli & Michelle Iannelli

Little James and his younger sister Susie go on adventures together by way of their magic snow globe. In each book they choose a different country to visit. During their travels they learn about other cultures...

Last Hummingbird West of Chile

by Nicholas Ruddock

An audacious tale of murder, privilege, and servitude - of both humans and nature.

A stunning work of imaginative fiction, Last Hummingbird West of Chile spins a tale of adventure that is in turn comedic, violent,...

Voyage of Reprisal

by Kevin J. Glynn

An English sea-captain sailing to plunder a Spanish treasure fleet faces the elements, internal discord and a squadron of war galleons lurking in his path. If he prevails, rewards and retribution await in the...

Tall Ship Sailor

by Dan Hayden

To a regular passerby, the ship seemed as if it was a lonesome thing, abandoned and forgotten. The disarray of normally taut lines and sheets that hung loosely from their spars suggested the ship had been inactive...

A Visitor’s Guide to the Shining Kingdom

by Jacquelyn Smith

The jewel of the continent... The Shining Kingdom draws visitors from all over the known world—mystical mages, wandering warriors, and everything in between.

But every foreign land has its perils and peculiarities....

A Visitor’s Guide to the Dharakmeni Empire

by Jacquelyn Smith

Assassins, danger, intrigue… The Dharakmeni Empire does not welcome the faint at heart. (Or anyone else, for that matter.)

But fear not, dear reader! The Shining Kingdom’s foremost adventurer, Yarden the...

Secret Mayday

by Finn Seldal

When somebody need to repair or build something not on Earth, Norn deSpace is the right man to ask. This time he must move a whole asteroide. He must do it hidden for all but in the open and it will cost more...

The Hero Story

by Yorick Francis

The Hero Story is a book about stories, the journey that every protagonist goes through to become a true hero. This is an interactive picture book, with action prompts to engage young readers and make it fun...

Raise My Ebenezer

by Richard Gerald Shrubb

Mr. Rogers becomes a tainted James Bond and descends the moral allegory of Dante’s Inferno. This is a novel of personal maturation, social vigilantism, and spiritual redemption all mixed in a pot of poetic...