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The Four Feathers

by A.E.W. Mason & Mint Editions

Officer Harry Feversham leaves his military position right before an important battle to the disappointment of his three closest friends and the woman he loves. Appalled by his decision, they each gift him with...

At the Villa Rose

by A.E.W. Mason & Mint Editions

A young apprentice is framed for the murder of her mentor, a wealthy woman who had a serious penchant for spiritualism, theatrics and staged seances. When the woman is suddenly killed all signs point to her...

The Odd Women

by George Gissing & Mint Editions

The Odd Women (1893) is a novel by George Gissing. Inspired by a report of over one million more women living in Britain than men, Gissing sought to explore the societal and personal implications of unmarried...

New Grub Street

by George Gissing & Mint Editions

New Grub Street (1891) is a novel by George Gissing. Inspired by his own struggles as a working writer and unhappily married man, Gissing crafts a tale of talent, ambition, and the strain placed on romance by...


by H. Rider Haggard & Mint Editions

She (1887), an intoxicating mix of adventure, fantasy, and romance, is an underappreciated classic of English literature. Among his most successful works, She­?which was inspired by Haggard?s experience living...

Life and Death of Harriett Frean

by May Sinclair & Mint Editions

Raised in a restrictive and oppressive household, Harriet Frean is used to sacrificing her own happiness and comfort for the sake of others, in fact, she?s proud of it. Taught that women were to be submissive,...

A Child of the Jago

by Arthur Morrison & Mint Editions

Old Jago is tucked away in the East End of London, conveniently placed so the wealthy and the fortunate can forget all about it and its unlucky residents. Dicky Perott does not have the luxury of forgetting...

The Antiquary

by Sir Walter Scott & Mint Editions

After meeting during their travels, William Lovel, a young man, and Oldbuck, an antiquary, become good friends. Bonded over their shared interests, Lovel is very intrigued by Oldbuck?s collections, particularly...

The Talisman

by Sir Walter Scott & Mint Editions

When King Richard the Lionheart?s health began to decline, the English leader organized a truce with the leader of the Islamic forces, Saladin. Agreeing to cease the battles on the condition that Jerusalem would...

Guy Mannering; Or, The Astrologer

by Sir Walter Scott & Mint Editions

When he is in search of refuge, Guy Mannering, a colonel of an Indian army, decides to spend the night at the home of Godfrey Bertram, the Laird of Ellangowan. Despite being a generous and friendly host, the...

The Amateur Cracksman

by E.W. Hornbug & Mint Editions

A.J Raffles, a prominent member in London society and well-respected athlete, has a shocking secret identity; he is a notorious thief. Always chasing the thrill of a heist or pickpocketing, Raffles attends test...

Mr. Justice Raffles

by E.W. Hornbug & Mint Editions

After years of participating in both the London high society and in a disgraced lower class, A.J Raffles has grown tired of the social scene in London. Though he lives by his own moral code, Raffles does not...

The Pirate

by Sir Walter Scott & Mint Editions

After growing tired of civilization, Basil Merton moves to the island known as Shetland with his young son, Mordaunt. Much more social than his father, Mordaunt is content reaching out to the other few people...


by Sir Walter Scott & Mint Editions

Edward Waverly enjoyed a privileged upbringing, despite his family?s drama. Coming of age during a political uprising, Edward?s time is split between his father and his uncle, who each have opposing political...

The Fortunes of Nigel

by Sir Walter Scott & Mint Editions

Nigel Olifaunt, a Scottish nobleman, travels to England to collect a debt on his late father?s behalf, but is ultimately met with deception and disappointment. The Fortunes of Nigel is one man?s tumultuous...

A Thief in the Night

by E.W. Hornbug & Mint Editions

Comprised of ten thrilling tales, Bunny recounts stories from various times in he and Raffles? lives. In Out of Paradise, Bunny is heartbroken over his ended engagement, which he called off after his fall from...

Quentin Durward

by Sir Walter Scott & Mint Editions

Quentin Durward, an archer and mercenary, gains the favor of Louis XI of France and the love of the beautiful Burgundian heiress, Isabelle de Croye. This is a captivating tale full of action, adventure and unexpected...

A Legend of Montrose

by Sir Walter Scott & Mint Editions

Members of Montrose?s army, Allan M'Aulay and Earl of Menteith, navigate the perils of war after falling for a young woman with a hidden heritage. The men go on a physical and emotional journey that will put...


by Sir Walter Scott & Mint Editions

Robert Dudley, the first Earl of Leicester, is happy with his wife, Amy Robsart, but will not let her tell anyone that they are married. Even though they both love each other, Robert values power and popularity...

The Abbot

by Sir Walter Scott & Mint Editions

After ascending to the throne at a young age, and ruling Protestant subjects while personally practicing Catholicism, Mary, Queen of the Scots was hardly given a chance to be an influential leader. Other rulers,...