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Alpha Werewolves & Little Rabbits

by Arian Wulf

Anastasia is a prisoner in a cell with a Master who has little use for her except to admire her pretty rabbit ears and cute bunny tail. She's a very pretty little thing. Her Master reminds her of that every...

Forbidden Pleasures

by Bottolini

A middle-aged mother gets blackmailed by her son’s bully, while a particularly self-confident young girl tries to take advantage of her driving school instructor. The passion for rugby brings unexpected satisfaction...

MILF Tails: Sex Drunk

by Laura Lovecraft

During the week Charlene is all work and no play, but on the weekends she transforms into her bad girl alter-ego Charlie who drinks hard, plays hard, and likes her men young and hard. When she wakes from a wild...

Alpha Werewolves & Little Kittens

by Arian Wulf

Aria is eighteen-years-old. Her favorite food is fish. She enjoys long naps whilst curled up at high places. She's a Cat Shifter with more cat-like characteristics and physical proof of her animal than most...


by Kay Nyne

*** Kinky Flash Fiction ***

Teen receptionist Beth is on a team building exercise with the sales force from her office. And soon finds herself waist deep in watery mud carrying a long wooden pole. The team has...

Raped In The Ruins

by Anna Mann

Well endowed Latina babe Lola loves to tease!

She revels in the comments and wolf whistles she gets when she wears skin tight shorts, hooker boots and a leather look bra. But now she is on holiday abroad, and...

Coffee in Rome

by Madam Lexi Black

Misty is in for a surprise when one of the black guys approaches her during one of her morning runs; he looks wild, sexual, and sexy... and Misty is intrigued by every idea possible that falls well below his...

Quick & Dirty Set

by Dlenti O'Pick

The young women in this four-book-bundle should have paid more attention to stranger danger. The steamy short stories in this bundle contains scenes with elements of humiliation, domination and submission, and...

Strangers In University

by Dlenti O'Pick

A straight-laced professor's self-control is pushed to the limit when he is falls for a student whom he has no business coveting. But he wants. Ophelia is a naive eighteen-year-old freshman who has never even...

One Wild Night 2

by Jane Snow

Susan and her sister Sarah decide to celebrate at a night club.  It's Susan's birthday and she hasn't been out with her older sister in a long time.  The two go to a nearby club and begin to enjoy the night....

Quieting the Black Beast

by Jane Snow

Brandy, a lonely, bored housewife can't help but be annoyed by her neighbor's loud rap music along with his wild parties throughout the day.  She can even hear women moaning in his backyard in the evenings...

Strangers On A Date

by Dlenti O'Pick

Rosie is having such a terrible time with her date that she's contemplating climbing out of the bathroom window. Her blind date, on the other hand, thinks things are going well enough to corner her in an alleyway....

Confessions of a Massage Madam, Sharon.

by Bianca Thomas

This book is based on what actually happens in a massage parlour. It is written by Madam Sharon and is inspired by true events. It has very explicit sexual activities that Fifty Shades of Gray has nothing on...

Strangers In An Office

by Dlenti O'Pick

"You're not at all what I expected."

"What did you expect?" she asks.

"I expected you to take your clothes off and give me a reason to hire you."

Just because she's driven and motivated to do whatever it takes...

Mind Controlled by the German Shepherd

by Jez Bestiality

Kandy halted, a prickle of fear dancing down her spine, her heart constricting in her chest.

The door was ajar. There was no sign of forced entry.

When she peered inside, she saw the largest German Shepherd she...

Free Use 1: Claimed My Best Friend's Wife While She Played Video Games

by Nikita Storm

I only had an hour… to get in, get off and get out. But in that hour, she was mine. Maria, my best friend’s wife. She’d do anything I asked, but I only needed one thing…


I'd always envied my best...

Make Him Cum

by Madam Lexi Black

A twenty-two-year-old marketing rep came to turn it up at her best friend's bachelorette party and the bull has something for her...

Kennedy James

"I need a drink. Those snotty b*tches with Kristy need...

Wanda's Tower

by Robert Beatty

Wanda the wanderer, practitioner of the movable feast, barroom pick-up artist, skilled technician at electronics and seduction, is a sexual adventuress who works as a repair and installer technician for a major...

Strangers In An Alley

by Dlenti O'Pick

Jack offers the stranger a kind smile and it eases some of his worries about getting caught. This isn't the first time he has brought his lover out in public to be used and filled by strangers- this isn't even...

Make Him Cum

by Madam Lexi Black

Samantha Newman is living her best life as CEO of one of Philly's top advertising marketing firms. She's young, adventurous and has a desire for dark meat.

Mr. Gerald Henderson is tall, athletic, and Black....