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Now You See Me

by Ali Whippe

Love is blind, but so is naughty pleasure? Sorina loves the way Dylan has taken charge of her life, relieving her of the burden of making decisions and freeing her to explore her desires. Yet while she knows...

A Game of Sales

by Nova Embers & Nita Edetor

Veronica Waters doesn't like to lose. Especially when she's competing against her old childhood friend, Aiden Stark. But when they are both fighting for the same chance to win the "End of the First Quarter Incentive"...

Sophie's Kinky Secret

by Kelly Addams

Sophie has become a keen rambler, and the 25 year old can't wait to get out into the countryside. But she has her own style of dress, she walks in a short skirt and t-shirt rather than the more traditional outfits....

Second Chances

by Arya Hucovv

Natasha has had her heart broken before. Terrified of getting hurt, she closes herself off, pursuing relationships only if she's certain that there's no future in it. Travis isn't allowed to waltz into her life...

Powerful Men Complete Bundle

by Daisy Rose

Be it in private or in public, these Powerful Men take who they want, when they want. In this bundle, you will find all four standalone steamy shorts including: Group Surrender, Submitting in a Train, Falling...

Surrendering To Strangers In Public

by Daisy Rose

It starts off as a simple bet. "I bet you can't get that hottie to go home with you." Then, it's, "I bet you can't get her to wear that toy out in public." Ally doesn't know that her boyfriend is with her because...

Aurora's Erotic Adventures

by Alana Church

If JRR Tolkien had been a horny pervert, this is the sort of fantasy anthology he would have written! A human woman learns she is the lost Summer Queen, and embarks on a sexual odyssey. Can she navigate between...

Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here

by Claude Joseph

Ask yourself this question?

If good girls like the bad boys, then who do the nice guys like? Of course, the science is not definitive, but the answer may lie within this story?..

This is a story of a millionaire...

Ebony Rape 2

by Anna Mann

10 non-con tales of ebony girls getting forced by lots of horny guys, featuring: Raped In The Jungle, Degrading Debbie, Degraded And Deceived, A Pervert In Africa 1, 2, and 3, Belly Dance, Good Doggy! Tease...

Beastly Babes

by Ebony Penny & Sindy Sin

5 kinky tales of depravity, a chubby Latina who gets forced into live bestiality shows, a naughty nudist nurse hunted and raped by hounds, an ebony porn star getting down and dirty with pigs... Plus much more....

Naughty Ebony

by Ebony Penny

5 Short stories featuring girls of colour.... sluts, exhibitionists and bestiality freaks... or the innocent victims of stranger's lust. Some stories are safe, some of them are decidedly taboo.

In this edition:...

Pound My Pregnant Pussy - Explicit Edition

by Ebony Penny

Heavily pregnant ebony babe Stacy has been advised to take some gentle exercise. She likes to walk around the park, but only at night when its deserted, because during the day she gets jostled and taunted. The...

No Panties

by Ebony Penny

Shy ebony babe Nicole has always been uncomfortable about the shape of her body. She's happy enough with her phat ass and thick thighs, but she's always embarrassed by her chubby tummy and small saggy tits....

Pound My Pregnant Pussy

by Ebony Penny

Heavily pregnant ebony babe Stacy has been advised to take some gentle exercise. She likes to walk around the park, but only at night when its deserted, because during the day she gets jostled and taunted. The...

Milking Morgan

by Kelly Addams

Please Note. This is NOT a hucow or lactation story

20 year old Morgan is training to become a veterinarian, and she has been told that she needs to gain more experience with large animals. The solution is to...

Christina's Kinks

by Kelly Addams

Christina is back, and following on from her first explorations into perversion and kink she is discovering new ways to stimulate her hyper sensitive clitoris, and this time, the creatures she finds to get herself...

Christina's Fetish

by Kelly Addams

Christina is on holiday alone in the Maldives. Her resort is on one side of the paradise island, the other side is deserted, and the ideal place to get an all over tan. Sitting in the shallow water without her...

Emily's Forced Adventure

by Anna Mann

Betrayed by her fiancée sexy blonde Emily has decided to go ahead with her honeymoon… On her own. The couple had planned to hike the trails around Table Mountain in South Africa, now she understands that...

Daphne's Dangerous Desires

by Kelly Addams

Kinky Daphne returns to continue her erotic adventures in South Africa. A devotee of masochism, formicophilia and clit abuse the twisted teen decides to turn up the heat. She has allowed insects, spiders and...

Daphne's Deviance

by Kelly Addams

Nineteen year old Daphne's holiday in South Africa has been extended by a whole week, and she is delighted. The formicophilia freak has a bucket list of kinky things to do and the extra days will give her chance...