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Invite Me In

by Jm Paquette

Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet some sexy Viking and bear him many children! The tickets to Viking Times were supposed to be a friendly joke—a way for Sylvia and her boyfriend to reconnect while indulging in...


by Stephanie Oyinki

Thalia Throne’s summer plans are simple. She’s going to work part-time at her aunt’s diner—a popular hangout for teenagers like her—and also have a touch of fun. The fun factor only increases when...

The Storm Within

by Brandon Eger

If you had the power to do practically anything, would it be enough to outrun your destiny?

Shar is just a regular twenty-five-year-old guy still trying to figure out life. With an unreturned crush on a childhood...

Reality Illusion

by Shellie L. Spencer

Laquez Fortell was a man who had it all: money, success, women. Everything that mattered in a world of material wealth, power, and corruption. What he lacked, however, was a sense of spirituality, a belief in...


by Marsha Carow Markman

Crossings is a collection of short stories that began years ago with scribblings on Post-it notes and journals, all set aside while she was engulfed in a teaching career, a poetry group with university colleagues...

Stanley G. Weinbaum's Mars

by Stanley G. Weinbaum

Collected in one binding are both of Stanley G. Weinbaum’s Mars stories “A Martian Odyssey” and “Valley of Dreams.” When “A Martian Odyssey” first appeared it took the science fiction world by...

Dilvish, the Damned

by Roger Zelazny

Dilivish, a half elf-half man hybrid failed in his attempt to rescue a young maiden being ritually sacrificed by the dark sorcerer Jelerak. In his anger at the attempt Jelerak kills the maiden and turns Dilvish’s...

The Legendary Lesbian Lothario

by S. C. Helton

The problem with reincarnation is that no one can remember anything from their previous life. But what if the original female returned (and I’m not talking about Eve), and decided she was sick of the Patriarchy?...

A Martian Odyssey

by Stanley G. Weinbaum

Set on a Mars that never was. Dick Jarvis, one of the members of the first space ship to reach Mars sets out on a solo expedition to photograph the countryside. His Rockets engine gives out 800 miles from the...

Alchemist V

by Jack Groverland

Alchemist V is a novel that reveals the true identity of V and his amazing powers. It is a story of intrigue, suspense and paranormal mystery, with a touch of wry humor. It involves a priest who has lost his...

The Devil Inside

by Susan K. Hamilton

Mara Dullahan is a devil with a knack for sniffing out corrupt souls.

Taunted for centuries about her lack of devilish wings, Mara has something to prove—and she’s determined to become Hell’s top Sales...

Dragon Moon

by Henry Kuttner

Out of the dark?out of the unknown?came Karkora ... rotting the souls of the kings of Cyrena. For Karkora, the Pallid One, was a creature more loathsome than anything on earth. It was beyond good or evil, a...

The Legion of Lazarus

by Edmond Hamilton

Being expelled from an air lock into deep space was the legal method of execution. It was also the only way a man could qualify for The Legion Of Lazarus. Hyrst had been convicted and executed for a murder he...

The American Guerillas

by Rod Macdonald

From its pastoral opening to its concluding serenade, The American Guerillas treats the reader to exciting episodes of romance, police chases, individual confrontations, and military camaraderie. Yet, above...

The Courts of Chaos

by Roger Zelazny

The epic conclusion to one of the most important fantasy series ever written. Corwin of Amber must outrun a reality shattering chaos storm through dangerous shadows and past esoteric barriers and traps laid...


by Ian Whates

The avatar gangs ran roughshod over the Montpellier ghetto, and only one man wasn't afraid of them. Too bad he dealt their drugs rather than help them constructively. But even a dealer can change!


by Jesse Henson

A young man who was born in feudal Japan, Koga-Ryu Province begins learning Ninjutsu and the art of the dragon. When a village raid by the Black Dragon who are Iga-Ryu Province, secretly disguised as Americans,...

The Kingdom of Pigs

by Shinji Suzuki

This is a parody of society in one Asian nation. I got the idea of "the nation of pigs" from the prediction of one writer. I think what he predicted more than 50 years ago is becoming a reality.

Most people in...

The Emperor's Sword

by Andrew Klavan

Bestselling Author: Andrew Klavan is a New York Times bestselling author and three-time Edgar Award winner. He is the author of 25 novels, including bestsellers Empire of Lies, Killer in the Wind and True Crime,...

The Emperor's Sword

by Andrew Klavan

"The Emperor's Sword is a wildly entertaining adventure of overlapping worlds and titanic clashes between fundamentals of good and evil. Klavan's world-building is both amazing and all too plausible." —Joseph...