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32 Caliber (Sheba Blake Classics)

by Donald McGibeny

32 Caliber is a classic mystery novel by Donald McGibeny.

A suspicious accident reveals itself to be a murder! Our story is narrated by a lawyer who turns detective in order to uncover the real murderer, and...

The Good Shepherd

by C. S. Forester

The Good Shepherd has been adapted into a 2020 major motion picture called Greyhound for Apple TV+. It was scripted by and starring Tom Hanks.

The hero of The Good Shepherd is Commander Krause, the captain of...

The Mash House

by Alan Gillespie

Cullrothes, in the Scottish Highlands, where Innes hides a terrible secret from his girlfriend Alice, a gorgeous, cheating, lying schoolteacher. In the same village, Donald is the aggressive distillery owner,...

The Truth Will Find You Out

by Sky Love

Savannah is waiting to hear if Jeff has survived the shoot out with the police.

After a break in at the Purdy sisters house, Officer O'Malley is left paralyzed .

Dee is always joking about John and Savannah's...

Nemesis at Rayham Parva

by J. J. Connington

Sir Clinton Driffield est impliqué dans une affaire proche de chez lui: sa nièce semble également être victime d'une opération "d'esclaves blancs", qui impliquait des showgirls européennes obtenant des...

Burning Guilt

by Inger Gammelgaard Madsen & Signe Holst Hansen

Johan Boje, a police assistant for Mid- and Western Jutland dies after being hit by a speeding car outside his home one late night in March. His boss, Alex Borg, is one of the firsts to arrive at the scene of...

While Nobody Is Watching

by Michelle Dunne

A semi-inflated football and a curious little girl. They called it peacekeeping. For Corporal Lindsey Ryan it was anything but. It?s been three years since that bright day in the Golan Heights and the explosion...

Bath Conspiracy, The

by Jeanne M. Dams

American Anglophile Dorothy Martin is celebrating her birthday in the historic city of Bath, but the discovery of a number of stolen artefacts throws her plans awry.

Retired chief constable Alan Nesbit and his...

Constant Man, The

by Peter Steiner

Former Munich police detective Willi Geismeier is drawn out of hiding to find a deranged serial killer.

Former Munch detective Willi Geimeiser is a wanted man. He sacrificed his career and put his life on the...

Murder In Law

by Veronica Heley

While Ellie's away, murder will play . . . Is the death of Ellie's son-in-law really the result of a burglary gone wrong?

Ellie's absence abroad is disastrous for her daughter, Diana - when her husband is attacked...

Hardcastle's Secret Agent

by Graham Ison

Detective Inspector Walter Hardcastle is following in his father's footsteps, but is his rapid rise about to be threatened by a spate of disturbing break-ins linked to the war effort

August, 1939. As war looms,...

Mr Campion's Coven

by Mike Ripley

Albert Campion is in the bleak, remote and very muddy village of Wicken on the Essex coast on a mission to rescue Dame Jocasta's dog, but soon finds himself sinking into something far more dangerous.

East coast...

Murder at Beaulieu Abbey

by Cassandra Clark

Death and danger await intrepid nun Hildegard of Meaux when she undertakes a secret mission for the good of her Order, in this eleventh action-packed installment of the medieval mystery series.

February, 1390...

Forest of Secrets

by Fiona Buckley

Ursula travels deep into the New Forest to investigate rumours of a plot to overthrow Queen Elizabeth in this gripping Tudor mystery.

May, 1586. Ursula and her retinue return home from a lengthy trip to discover...

Skeleton Tree, The

by Diane Janes

Is Wendy's dream house about to turn into her worst nightmare?

From the moment Wendy Thornton first laid eyes on number 37, The Ashes, she knew she had to have it. It may seem neglected on the outside, but Wendy...

Mystic's Accomplice, The

by Mary Miley Theobald

The first historical mystery in award-winning author Mary Miley's 1920s Chicago-set series introduces reluctant sleuth Maddie Pastore and takes readers into a dark and dangerous world of mobsters, speakeasies...


by David Mark

A dark past. A terrifying secret. A deadly game is about to begin . . .

Washed-up author Rufus Orton needs money. It's the main reason he takes the gig teaching creative writing to inmates at HMP Holderness....

Mermaid Fillet

by Mia Arderne

In this Cape Town, there?s a Goddess who casts raging red storms when female bodies are abused. It?s a place where women try to redefine their space in society. This is the story of a network of wannabe gangsters,...

The Case of the Jealous Wife

by Percy Andreæ

The Adventures of Lauder Caine the Confessor originally appeared in The Windsor Magazine in the late 19th century. All featured a story-within-a-story, narrating an unusual tale by Caine from his past, often...

Double Challenge

by Jim Kjelgaard

Ted Harkness and his father plan to open a hunting lodge, but have no idea of the trouble it will bring.

When Ted?s father is accused of attempted murder and takes to the hills to avoid arrest, Ted finds himself...