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Wolf Kill

by Cary J. Griffith

  • According to Book Ad Report, “Mystery, thriller and crime genre is the leading book genre in the U.S., as nearly half of American consumers prefer this genre”
  • Fills market need for more outdoors- and wildlife-themed...

Every City Is Every Other City

by John McFetridge

Behind the scenes, nothing is what it seems.

Gord Stewart, 40 years old, single, moved back into his sub­urban childhood home to care for his widowed father. But his father no longer needs care and Gord is stuck...

Last Seen

by Kent Harrington

Detective Michael O’Higgins and Detective Marvin Lee In August, San Francisco is a cold beauty...and the perfect place for a killer targeting young women visiting the Bay Area. The latest victim is Emma Barre,...

Milo March #23

by Kendell Foster Crossen & M.E. Chaber

For the first time in book form—six stories from vintage men’s magazines (1952–1961) featuring Milo March, the shrewd insurance investigator and brazen secret agent created by M.E. Chaber:

  • “The Jelly...

Milo March #22

by Kendell Foster Crossen & M.E. Chaber

Death to the Brides was completed in 1975 but never released during the author’s lifetime, owing to the publisher’s objection to its politically charged content. So this is the only unpublished Milo March...

Milo March #21

by Kendell Foster Crossen & M.E. Chaber

Milo March heads for the historic mining boomtowns of Nevada, but he’s planning to dig at people, not rocks. The case involves three men who bought an old gold mine outside Reno. Though it had been abandoned...

Milo March #20

by Kendell Foster Crossen & M.E. Chaber

At the time, the two naive young women took it as a joke. Wilma and Jane, both bonded employees at a New York brokerage firm, were squares aspiring to be swingers. And so, at the suggestion of their new boyfriends,...

Milo March #19

by Kendell Foster Crossen & M.E. Chaber

People always say it sounded like a firecracker at first. But it was a rifle shot that rang out from the fourth story of an apartment building in Cleveland, killing a handsome young Congressman as he delivered...

Sherlock Holmes Collection (Illustrated)

by Arthur Conand Doyle & Hari Abd

This edition is illustrated with digital art of Hari Abd, specially designed for this book. Although Sherlock Holmes is not the original fiction detective (he was influenced by Edgar Allan Poe's C. Auguste Dupin...

By Way of Sorrow

by Robyn Gigl

“Emotionally resonant…Gigl is too astute and compassionate a writer to create cartoon villainy out of anti-trans attitudes…quietly groundbreaking.” —The New York Times Book Review

In a fresh and riveting...

Milo March #18

by Kendell Foster Crossen & M.E. Chaber

It is the time of the infamous Los Angeles riots of 1965—several days of arson and looting in protest of police mistreatment of black residents of the Watts neighborhood in the southeast of the city. During...

Milo March #17

by Kendell Foster Crossen & M.E. Chaber

Once again, private eye Milo March, a Major in the Army reserves, is recalled by the CIA for a special mission. At a time when relations between the U.S. and Soviet Russia are somewhat relaxed, the Russians...

Milo March #16

by Kendell Foster Crossen & M.E. Chaber

Milo March is sipping a martini at the pool of the Far Eastern Hotel, a lovely British blonde on his left and a Chinese beauty on his right, both in bikinis. What more could a man require? But then he is rudely...


by Joseph S. Walker

Years ago, Sheriff William Finch crossed the line and killed a man many would say richly deserved it. Now a cop himself, William's son Wade is haunted by what his father did?and by the question of what he'll...

Starr Sign

by C.S. O'Cinneide

  • A hard-boiled mystery for fans of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Sara Paretsky’s V.I. Warshawski novels, and Wallace Stroby’s Crissa Stone series
  • Caustic, hard-drinking former hitwoman Candace Starr teams up...

Transient Desires

by Donna Leon

In the landmark thirtieth installment of the bestselling series the New Yorker has called “an unusually potent cocktail of atmosphere and event,” Guido Brunetti is forced to confront an unimaginable crime...

Head Case

by Michael Wiley

Chicago private investigator Sam Kelson uncovers more than he bargained for when he investigates a series of suspicious deaths at the Clement Memorial Hospital. "My friend, this place is killing people." While...


by Tiffany Cates

Donovan James enjoys his routine. Wake up. Catch the El. Teach high school English. Run the track. Return on the train. Repeat. In a turbulent Chicago, this routine keeps his mind from wandering. Well, from...

Season of Smoke

by A.G. Pasquella

  • Hard-boiled crime caper on the mean streets of Toronto’s underworld
  • Third book in the gritty Jack Palace series, about a street-smart, honourable ex-con trying to make an honest life for himself, but pulled...

Bad Girls

by Gemma Rogers

No Body. No Crime. No Time.

Can you ever escape your past? Fresh out of prison, Jess Strickland has just six months’ probation to serve until she's free to get on with the life, she left behind 4 years ago....