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The Heart of Midlothian

by Walter Scott

Against the backdrop of the Porteous Riots, one woman must give everything to save her sister. It’s 1763, and there’s pandemonium on the streets of Edinburgh. Innocent protesters have been gunned down, and...

Double Triple

by James Lewis

Millions in found treasure. A killer loose after a daring escape. Agent Jake Monroe and Deputy Abron Kelsey in charge of putting a stop to future homicides while ensuring the safety of their families. Enter...

The Underground City

by Jules Verne & Charles Francis Horne

A mine that should have been mined out years ago. A series of inexplicable events. A city that suddenly appears almost at the centre of the earth. Mining engineer James Starr discovers that his former colleague...

Ali Pacha

by Alexandre Dumas & I. G. Burnham

Bloodthirsty tyrant or brilliant statesman? Alexandre Dumas explores the complicated legacy of Ali Pacha in this fictionalised biography. A leader under the Ottoman Empire, Pasha ruled over a large portion of...

The Companions of Jehu

by Alexandre Dumas & Anonymous

The Revolution may be over, but for a band of courageous aristocrats, the fight is only just beginning. This group call themselves "The Companions of Jehu". They lead secret lives as highwaymen, using the money...

The Forty-Five Guardsmen

by Alexandre Dumas & Anonymous

While France is at war with itself, a lady of the court plots an assassination. Set against the backdrop of the War of the Three Henrys, this is the enthralling third part of Dumas’ "Valois Romances". Continuing...

Chicot the Jester

by Alexandre Dumas & Alfred Richard Allinson

Every King needs a wily advisor. For Henry III of France, it’s Chicot the Jester. Quick witted and a pro at manipulation, Chicot must use all his skills to keep the King (and himself) at the top. The second...

Taking the Bastile: Ange Pitou

by Alexandre Dumas & Henry Llewellyn Williams

To rescue one man, they must start a revolution. It’s 1789, and Paris is on the brink of revolt. The king’s own physician, Dr. Gilbert, had been thrown in jail for being a subversive. But Gilbert’s friends...

The Mesmerist's Victim: Andrea de Taverney

by Alexandre Dumas & Henry Llewellyn Williams

Love can blossom even in the most desperate of situations. In "The Mesmerist’s Victim: Andrea de Taverney", the second entry in the "Marie Antoinette Romances", the setting is Revolution-era Paris. The story...

The Countess de Charny: The Execution of King Louis XVI

by Alexandre Dumas & Henry Llewellyn Williams

Stories of her arrogance and extravagance fanned the flames of revolution. But did Marie Antoinette really deserve her reputation? Alexandre Dumas seeks to find an answer in "The Countess de Charny: The Execution...

Marguerite de Valois

by Alexandre Dumas & David Bogue

Dive into the drama of the royal court, and meet one of France’s most devious villains. "Marguerite de Valois" is the fast-paced first entry in Alexandre Dumas’ "Valois Romances" series. At its center is...

The Three Musketeers II

by Alexandre Dumas & Anonymous

France’s fate hangs in the balance! In this second part of Dumas’ classic, our heroes must race across Europe to save the day. It all begins with Queen Anne of France, who is having an affair with the English...

The Three Musketeers IV

by Alexandre Dumas & Anonymous

Milady is finally behind bars. During the day, she patiently plots her escape. And at night, she dreams of reaping revenge on D'Artagnan. In this final part of "The Three Musketeers", our heroes’ story looks...

The Three Musketeers I

by Alexandre Dumas & Anonymous

Prepare yourself for the ultimate swashbuckling epic! Perhaps Alexandre Dumas’ most famous creation, this tale of heroic swordsmen set the standard for every adventure story that followed. This first part...

The Three Musketeers III

by Alexandre Dumas & Anonymous

Torn between his duty and his desires, D’Artagnan must decide where his loyalties lie. Continuing "The Three Musketeers" adventures, this third volume reveals Milady’s true identity. It sets her on course...

The Count of Monte Cristo I

by Alexandre Dumas & Anonymous

Prison breaks, thwarted love affairs, buried treasure—"The Count of Monte Cristo" has it all. ​If you love Dumas' "The Three Musketeers", this is your next must-read adventure. In Volume I, we meet Frenchman...

The Count of Monte Cristo II

by Alexandre Dumas & Anonymous

He has his freedom and a vast fortune. Now Edmond Dantes wants revenge. To get it, he’ll have to become someone else. In this second volume of Dumas' classic adventure, Dantes transforms into the Count of...

Twenty Years After IV

by Alexandre Dumas & Anonymous

After years of muddy, bloody battles, the English Civil War is finally over. But the Musketeers have a plan which could still change everything. As the action begins, King Charles I is in prison, awaiting execution....

Twenty Years After I

by Alexandre Dumas & Anonymous

It’s the time for heroes. But the Musketeers are no more. As Dumas’ "Twenty Years Later" begins, only D’Artagnan still serves in the Queen’s guard. Porthos, Aramis, and Athos are living comfortable lives,...

Twenty Years After V

by Alexandre Dumas & Anonymous

They’ve made it through two civil wars, but the Musketeers’ greatest challenge is still to come. After their escapades in England, our heroes are back on French shores. But D’Artagnan and Porthos need...