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Chosen By The Fae

by Alana Church

Aurora is the Summer Lady, Queen of Faerie and avatar of sex, lovemaking and fertility. But dark days are ahead for her and her friends. An ancient evil stalks the halls of Dwarrowhenge. Can she defeat it, and...

Werewolf Adoption Book Bundle

by A. B. Darling Little

In this complete Werewolf Adoption Bundle, innocent, hapless young women are adopted by Alpha Werewolves and given the best care possible. Here, you will find steamy short stories involving ABDL with Werewolf...

Reluctantly Rescued

by A.B. Darling Little

Elly is happy with her life. She enjoys waking up from in her crib, having her nappy changed and then being held in a warm pair of arms as she is being fed from a milk bottle. So, when she wakes up one day in...


by A.B. Darling Little

Olivia wakes up lying in an unfamiliar bed. The last thing she remembers is celebrating her eighteenth-birthday and now she's wrapped up in a swaddle and sucking on a dummy. There must have been something that's...

Sweet Little

by A.B. Darling Little

Jason's an Alpha Werewolf without a Little. So, he goes to one of those facilities where they regress humans into Littles and adopt a sweet, eighteen-year-old human for himself. Anya is a petite Little who's...

Four Kinky Wishes

by Alana Church

A magical genie is helping spread love - and legs - in this erotic anthology! A shy girl turns into a man to save her best friend from a terrible mistake. A lonely college student and his landlady unite in lust....

Alexandra's Forbidden Hunger

by Alana Church

Alexandra never knew her father. Then a genetic test gave her a chance to meet her sexy half-sister, her hunky half-brothers, and their lovely mother. But what will she do when she discovers they're all indulging...

Cruel, Kind Love

by Marilyn Fae

Aria loves her Master Darius. The Alpha Werewolf makes sure she wants for nothing and is always ready to do whatever it takes to make her happy. Except let her out of the house. What she doesn't know is that...

Bound & Humiliated

by Marilyn Fae

Kristy makes the terrible mistake of walking out of her job, the only way for her to pay back the loan sharks she owes. Well, she's going to pay now. The Vampire King wants her and he's not stingy with his attention....

Lesbians' Futa Wish

by Alana Church

Judy and Pam are lesbians who have a naughty desire. Pam wants to be taken like a man. But the strap-on they bought isn't doing the job.

Enter Gene! The magical genie turns Judy into a sexy futa-woman! But can...

Passionate Alphas

by Marilyn Fae

When Alpha Werewolf Erik goes on vacation, the last thing he expects to do is fall hard for the most unobtainable young woman in town, an eighteen-year-old Cat-Shifter. She's innocent in the way only the sheltered...


by Marilyn Fae

April hides her cat ears under a hat and keeps her tail wrapped around her waist. She doesn't want anyone to know what she is. The eighteen-year-old shifter is afraid of her own shadow and just wants to be left...

Alpha Submission Complete Set

by Arian Wulf

Obsession. Love. Compulsion. Domination. Is it so terrible that it's impossible to tell one apart from the others? In this four-book-bundle, the innocence of young women are shattered when werewolf alphas appear...


by Arian Wulf

Two days after the Shifter Registration Act passes, Layla is captured by fanatics who believe that the secret to longevity is in her Shifter veins. As the days pass, she begins to find odd solace in her mundane...

Dangerous Woods

by Arian Wulf

Being the only werecat in a kingdom run by werewolves means a hard life for Laura. She is the King's favorite dancer, so it surprises everyone when she is given the role of Emissary. She is sent on her last...

Body-Swap Bimbo

by Alana Church

Milo was convinced life would be easier if he were a woman. When he woke up one morning to find his wish granted, he couldn't believe his good luck. As "Silly Millie," she is going to get all the sex she can...

Doctor Wolf

by Arian Wulf

At her eighteenth birthday, shy and nave Anna meets a doctor who offers her a world beyond her dirtiest fantasies. For someone with so little knowledge of the outside world, Anna is in over her head with the...

Katie's Hotwife Adventures

by Thomas Roberts

Katie loves Mack even though he's very small "down there." She only has one stipulation when they get married: if she ever meets her favorite actor, she can have a wild no-holds-barred affair with him. Mack...

Professor Mine

by Arian Wulf

Tanya is a book-smart, street-dumb human student who just got into the university of her dreams and thinks she deserves to have a good time at a rave. Instead, she wanders into a werewolf party. Charles is a...

Paranormal Menage Erotica:

by Shanya Free

What if you could be with your lover beyond this life and the intimate experience with them is beyond what a living being is used to?

Warning: Extremely hot, raw and steamy. If that's how you like your reads,...