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Garbadon Major

by S.C. Mae

Jazz Healy and her gene-spliced cat, Rainbow Ninja, are deep in the bowels of the planetoid Kinon. They’re hunting Arteen Vendta, a scumbag with nothing much going for him except a long rap sheet.

Jazz doesn’t...

The Fire People

by Ray Cummings

Invaders from Mercury!

The invaders from Mercury came in ships designed to look like asteroids. Thus did they avoid detection from the unsuspecting humans until they began to lay waste to entire cities. The women...

The World Set Free

by Herbert George Wellls

The history of mankind is the history of the attainment of external power. Man is the tool-using, fire-making animal. From the outset of his terrestrial career we find him supplementing the natural strength...

Ghost Squadron Ii

by David Nelson

Ghost Squadron II, The Adventure Continues, is the sequel of Peter Walker’s days with the prestigious RAF during WWII. Peter has grown to be an adult, has a family, and becomes the youngest RAF Ace in WWII....


by Frank Burg

The end of the world started quickly. First came the flu, which took many lives and overwhelmed the medical system. People realized their confidence in the governing power was misplaced as the rich and privileged...

Sea Wolf (A Compass Rose Novel, 2)

by Anna Burke

In the year 2514, the only thing more dangerous than the seas is those who sail them.

Life aboard the mercenary ship Man o’ War is rarely dull as hurricanes, swarms of jellyfish, and man-eating squid pose daily...

Otis Adelbert Kline's Mars Series

by Otis Adelbert Kline

Harry Thorne had lost everything: his business, the love of his life, even his own self respect. As he’s contemplating suicide he’s made an incredible offer. He can go back in time and switch places with...

The Outlaws of Mars

by Otis Adelbert Kline

Jerry Morgan, is a man with no future on Earth, he is offered a new life on Mars and he takes it. He starts out his new life on Mars on the wrong foot by meeting a princess and killing the fearsome-looking Martian...

Surviving the Shrinking

by Ry Lytton

For Penelo, Emily, and Atomos, each day had become pretty much the same. School, home, sleep, repeat, throw in a few texts, selfies, and hashtags and that was their life. Until it wasn't! Strange vans, a high-pitched...

Argosy All-Story Weekly Super Pack

by Burroughs Leinster Adelbert Kline Kline Rice Burroughs Burroughs Ray Cummings

Argosy is considered the very first pulp fiction magazine. It was launched in 1882 as a children’s magazine, but quickly changed its target audience as it realized children were not in charge of their reading...

Forbidden Knowledge

by Damon Antonio Raine

Damon Antonio Raine continues his journey to Global Control as the NEW INCARNATION to change the course of World History and to Rule World Earth. Masterminding a New Universal Language and a New World Religion....

Beyond the Miracle Range

by Elliott Underwood

In a future world where the myths of ancient times have come to life, a young Elf is traded as a hostage to their enemies, the Asuras. Living with the enemy leaves him wondering just how good or evil his enemies...

Cursed Bunny

by Bora Chung & Anton Hur

Cursed Bunny is a genre-defying collection of short stories by Korean author Bora Chung. Blurring the lines between magical realism, horror, and science-fiction, Chung uses elements of the fantastic and surreal...

Black Sunflower

by Queen Gugu

Honesty, openness, and vulnerability are all spiritual gifts laid at your sacred altar, ever ready for you to enjoy. How far are you willing to travel into yourself to seek the meaning of who you really are—can...

Lost River

by Farley McAllister

A raw tour through an aging songwriter’s life as he watches his Alzheimer’s stricken spouse deteriorate, Lost River (The Sinks) weaves intellect and emotion into an expansive exploration of how protagonist...


by J. E. Stock

The world has recovered from COVID-19, but a new danger soon arises: it is the outbreak of what could potentially be an even more deadly virus.

To almost everyone, the situation seems tragic but innocent. However,...

Time Benders and the Long Road Home

by Jb Yanni

The havoc wrought by the time travel of the Fitzgerald siblings continues in this third book in the Time Benders series. Mary has been dealt a terrible blow. She discovers her fate as a result of Mr. Brewster's...

In Beta

by Prescott Harvey

“Prescott is one brilliant dude.” —JJ Abrams

It’s 1993, and Jay and Colin are small-town geeks. Senior year is nearly over, and they’re still as unpopular as ever.

Everything changes when they discover...

Secret Mayday

by Finn Seldal

When somebody need to repair or build something not on Earth, Norn deSpace is the right man to ask. This time he must move a whole asteroide. He must do it hidden for all but in the open and it will cost more...

A Matter of Destiny

by Gene Baldwin

Brian finds himself in the middle of the most rogorous flight training in the world. He left his home in the small college town of Ruston, Alabama and reports to flight training, a fascinating new world of challenges...