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The Slayer

by Stan A Cowie

The Slayer #1 The Slayer is a contractor (mercenary) tired of military politics, tired of watching wrongs not being corrected. He accepts a contract from a retired commanding officer from his old regiment as...

Sweet Potato

by Tongin Kim & Grace Jung

Kim Tongin (1900-1951) is one of Korea’s earliest and most respected modern writers whose naturalist fiction brilliantly depicts Korean life during a period of profound social change. Namesake of the prestigious...

Cursed Bunny

by Bora Chung & Anton Hur

Cursed Bunny is a genre-defying collection of short stories by Korean author Bora Chung. Blurring the lines between magical realism, horror, and science-fiction, Chung uses elements of the fantastic and surreal...

Born Into This

by Adam Thompson

"With its wit, intelligence and restless exploration of the parameters of race and place, Thompson’s debut collection is a welcome addition to the canon of Indigenous Australian writers." —Thuy On, The Guardian...

Stories from a Breakout

by A. E. Howard

The stories are composed in a minimalist-surreal manner. They are unconventional. And, for this reason the reader is invited to offer his/her own interpretation.

Dirty Little Secret

by Brighton Walsh

She's the last thing he needs, but she's the only thing he long as it's behind closed doors.  


It was supposed to be a one-time thing. No one would find out; no one would have to know. And then...

Women out of Water

by Sally Cranswick

Eighty-five-year-old Alma tracks a stallion through the wild bush. A young woman leaves her corporate job to start a wine farm as her marriage stales. A mother leaves her war-torn home to seek safety for herself...

The Hero Story

by Yorick Francis

The Hero Story is a book about stories, the journey that every protagonist goes through to become a true hero. This is an interactive picture book, with action prompts to engage young readers and make it fun...

In Our Time

by Ernest Hemingway

Published in 1925, Ernest Hemingway's collection of short stories focuses on alienation, grief, separation, and loss. Nick, his semi-autobiographical character, appears in multiple stories throughout and is...

Short Dog

by Dan Fante & Willy Vlautin

“Soaked in booze and sadness, psychotic eruptions and hilarity.”—Willy Vlautin

In the freewheeling, debaucherous tradition of Charles Bukowski, a taxi driver’s stories from the streets of lowlife Los...

Variations on the Body

by María Ospina & Heather Cleary

A constellation of short stories illustrate the intersecting lives of women on various peripheries of society in and around Bogotá, Colombia.

In six subtly connected stories, Variations on the Body explores...

The Voyeur

by Christopher Konrad

A woman sees Dante everywhere; Karl runs and runs and cannot recapture his lost love; Celine, a Thai trans-woman, falls for an artist who is infatuated with her as he is with Ian Fairweather; an ex-con travels...

Mind’s Gravity

by Hadi Umayra

The darkness said, I am the dark void in which the galaxies of things revolve like a revolutionary hurricane, which is not known its beginning or its end, leaving behind a pile of rubble. The light has no space...

Death by the Fire

by J.E. Brennan

Death by the Fire is a collection of short stories that aims to take a deeper look at the ideas of transition and transformation in life and death. These six narratives culminate one motion; finding out who...

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

by F. Scott Fitzgerald & Mint Editions

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (1922) is a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Published at the beginning of Fitzgerald’s career as a leading writer of American fiction, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...

Lady Molly of Scotland Yard

by Baroness Orczy

“Lady Molly of Scotland Yard” contains a wonderful collection of short stories by Baroness Orczy that centre around Molly Robertson-Kirk, a quick-witted detective who relies on brains rather than brawn to...

Smithy, Nobby & Co.

by Edgar Wallace

Between 1904 and 1918 Edgar Wallace wrote a large number of mostly humorous sketches about life in the British Army relating the escapades and adventures of privates Smith (Smithy), Nobby Clark, Spud Murphy...

Return to Glory

by Richard J. Armona

President Foster evades assassination once again as he continues to stay steps ahead of the evil cabal headed by the notorious George Soppos. In Return to Glory, The Fourth Year, Foster must face the greatest...


by Edgar Wallace

Edgar Wallace’s humorous tales of British Army life, centred around the characters of “Smithy” and “Nobby”. The stories, collected in 1905, are supposed to tell us about the every-day life of the soldiers...

Smithy and The Hun

by Edgar Wallace

This collection of stories from every-day life in the British military, centred around the characters of “Smithy” and “Nobby”. Edgar Wallace, who is also famous for his own stories of colonial life —...