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Into the Mouth of the Lion

by A. B. Kyazze

Angola, 2002. In the last days of a vicious civil war, it is a dangerous landscape rife with rebel soldiers, land mines, corruption and deception. A suspicious explosion kills a beloved nurse, while another...

Buried For Good

by Alex Coombs

On a remote island, everyone is a suspect...

When Private Investigator Hanlon is hired to protect famous yoga instructor Camille Anderson on her Scottish island retreat, she thinks this may be her simplest job...

Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love 3 (Antonio and Sabrina: Struck In Love)

by Chiquita Dennie

Antonio and Sabrina think they’ve put the worst behind them. They’re ready to begin the next chapter of their lives, but forces beyond their control have other plans for them. Before either can settle into...


by Ross Greenwood

A shocking thriller inspired by the true stories of a male prison officer in a women?s prison. Behind bars, the rules are different?Prison Officer Jim Dalton is used to walking the landings on the male side...

Naked Lies the Truth

by Michael L. Nicholas

It is 1929 in Los Angeles when Officer Mathieu answers a domestic disturbance call at night in a poor black neighborhood. When no one answers the unlocked door, he enters to find a beautiful, white woman lying...

How to Betray Your Country

by James Wolff

PW STARRED REVIEW: ?Brilliant sequel to 2018?s Beside the Syrian Sea. James Wolff skillfully portrays an espionage agent on the verge of losing himself to his demons. This is spy fiction like no other.? Publishers...

Maxwell's Demon

by Steven Hall

Thomas Quinn is having a hard time. A failed novelist, he?s stuck writing short stories and audio scripts for other people?s characters. His wife, Imogen, is working on a remote island halfway around the world,...

Scent of Fear

by Tony Park

Man's best friend is a poacher's worst nightmare, but tracker dogs and their handlers protecting wildlife in Africa face an explosive new threat. Can a man and his dog find redemption and the real criminal?



by Tony Park

A woman's quest to save Africa's wildlife turns lethal.

A very eager - and rather naive - Australian lawyer, Kerry Maxwell, flies into South Africa to volunteer at a wildlife orphanage run by notorious vet, Graham...

The Cull

by Tony Park

Former mercenary Sonja Kurtz is hired to set up an elite anti-poaching unit. From South Africa to to the Serengeti in Tanzania Sonja's fighting a war on many fronts against enemies known and unknown.


Red Earth

by Tony Park

An assassin is on the loose and a baby has gone missing in South Africa - it's up to a vulture researcher and a helicopter pilot track down the innocent and stop the guilty. How will they know the difference?...

An Empty Coast

by Tony Park

A body from an old war and a missing girl bring retired mercenary Sonja Kurtz home to Africa's deadly Skeleton Coast.

Sonja Kurtz – former soldier, supposedly retired mercenary - is in Vietnam carrying out...

The Hunter

by Tony Park

A missing woman, a serial killer at large. Man is the most dangerous quarry of all.

Safari guide and private investigator Hudson Brand hunts people, not animals. He’s on the trail of Linley Brown who’s been...

The Prey

by Tony Park

In Africa, men - and women - will risk all for the lure of gold

Deep underground in the Eureka mine, South Africa’s zama zamas illegally hunt for gold. King of this brutal underworld is Wellington Shumba, a...

Dark Heart

by Tony Park

From the ashes of an African genocide lost love and a new evil arise.

Lawyer Mike Ioannou is dead after a hit and run in Thailand. A home invasion threatens the life of medico Richard Dunlop. In Johannesburg,...

African Dawn

by Tony Park

Zimbabwe - a country in peril, a family torn apart, a battle to save a species.

In the broken country that is Zimbabwe, only the strongest can survive.

Three families – the Bryants, the Quilter-Phipps and the...

Silent Predator

by Tony Park

A missing man sparks a chase through Africa to track down true evil.

In a luxury private safari lodge in Kruger National Park, Detective Sergeant Tom Furey has just woken to a bodyguard’s worst nightmare. The...


by Tony Park

A deadly game of hunters and the hunted in the wilds of Africa.

An increasingly volatile Zimbabwe and the jungle-clad mountains of the Democratic Republic of Congo is where a dangerously charged game of cat and...


by Tony Park

A wild African paradise is about to erupt.

When a young American research assistant is killed by a man-eating lion, three people are devastated – Jed Banks, an American Special Forces soldier serving in Afghanistan;...

Far Horizon

by Tony Park

An overland tour through Africa becomes a quest for revenge.

Mike Williams is leading a supposedly carefree life as an overland tour guide in Africa, but he's carrying a burden of grief from his time as a United...