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Outlaw Country

by William W. Johnstone & J.A. Johnstone

Set in the early days of the Jensen family saga, this gunblazing adventure follows Smoke and Sally from their first year of marriage to the founding of the legendary Sugarloaf Ranch . . .



Gold Mine Massacre

by William W. Johnstone & J.A. Johnstone

Johnstone Country. Family First.

For generations, the Jensens have struggled to build their home, their land, and their dreams. But now the family is forced to fight fire with fire, bullet by bullet, blood for...

Go West, Young Man

by William W. Johnstone & J.A. Johnstone

Join an epic cross-country journey on the Oregon Trail  set just before the start of the Civil War. Two brave, pioneering families will head West and confront hardships and triumph, in this spellbinding saga...

Picnic in Someday Valley

by Jodi Thomas

The charming and uplifting new novel from the legendary author of dozens of unforgettable romances! Travel to the small town of Honey Creek where ties run deep and happiness is just around the next river bend…...

The Sheriff

by Robert Dwyer & Austin Wright

An aging Sheriff Donovan is coming to terms with his recent diagnosis of terminal cancer and desperate to maintain his tenuous grasp on Three Chop—the town he willed into existence. When Donovan enters into...

Tiger Eye

by B.M. Bower

Rather than become a killer himself, Tiger Eye Reeves leaves his feud-scarred home down on the Brazos River in Texas and goes to Montana looking for a job as a cowboy. As a scout for the Poole outfit, who are...

Apache Devil

by Edgar Rice Burroughs & Darrell Schweitzer

Shoz-Dijiji, or Black Bear, kidnapped by the Apaches from his white pioneer family as an infant and raised by Geronimo, is now a brave and accomplished Apache War Chief. In addition to the skills of hunting...

Lord of Order

by Brett Riley

The Purge is here. New Orleans must die.

Long after the destruction of all electronic technology, the Bright Crusade rules the world as a fundamentalist Christian theocracy. Gabriel Troy is Lord of Order for...

Market Street Madam

by Randi Samuelson-Brown

Market Street Madam tells the story of Annie Ryan, a woman who is running a second-rate brothel in 1890s Denver with an eye toward expansion. By chance she encounters Lydia Chambers, a society woman suffering...

Wolf Stockburn, Railroad Detective

by Max O'Hara

Introducing a rail-blazing new series set in the early days of the transcontinental railroad—when America headed west, outlaws climbed on board, and one man risked his life to stop them in their tracks . ....

Blood, Guts, and Glory

by William W. Johnstone

One of the greatest characters in Western fiction. Two of the wildest tales of frontier vengeance from William Johnstone’s classic bestselling saga. This is how Smoke Jensen became a legend.



Texas Reload

by Richard M Beloin Md

This book extends the cowboy era from the late 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. After a profitable but dangerous time as a railroad marshal, Sam returns to his hometown and marries his old...

Texas Load

by Richard M Beloin Md

Sam Balinger was raised on a Texas cattle ranch, but his love of ?mechanical things? drove him to work in a gun shop that specialized in fabricating small gun parts. After moving on, he worked as a railroad...

The High Lonesome

by John Collins

Bill's Story Bill Curry leaves New Albany, Indiana, after killing his abusive stepfather. In search of a new life, he meets two mountain men, Jim Kelly and Red Sampson, who take him under their wings and show...

The Loving Wrath of Eldon Quint

by Chase Pletts

Eldon Quint is a farmer in the frontier Dakotas. The widowed father of two moves through the world leaving as mild a footprint as possible. His twin brother Clayton Quint is known to most as Jack Foss, a violent...

Seeking Two Elks Fighting

by Joseph Dorris

Raised by the Sheepeater Indians of the Salmon River country. Erik Larson fulfills part of his boyhood vision and becomes Two Elks Fighting. After finding his sister, Katrine, and the other Swedes, he realizes...

Spawn of the Desert

by W.C. Tuttle & John Betancourt

Here is a classic suspense tale with a western setting, by one of the most popular and prolific western authors of all time. Features a new introduction.

This Side of Hell

by Brett Cogburn


The most famous lady gambler of the Old West teams up with Widowmaker Jones in a doomed search for lost treasure, a deadly trek through the desert—and a dangerous alliance...

A Quiet, Little Town

by William W. Johnstone & J.A. Johnstone



Stagecoach guard Red Ryan has managed to survive every dirty, danger-filled trail in Texas. But this time, the journey is hell on four wheels. And the next stop could be...


by Wm. Bruce McCoy

This is an exciting and interesting book about a wagon train that heads from Louisville, Kentucky to Oregon. Two wagon train families decide to stay in Bellevue, Nebraska, due to a tragedy. The rest of the book...